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And unveiled the wicked 308 GTi
In a refreshing break from the usual display, Peugeot Philippines gave 2016 Manila International Auto Show visitors more stuff to ogle beyond the stunning 308 GTi hatchback. Peugeot created a mini museum in its floor space that showcased its heritage and origins.
French carmaker offers sales promo
No doubt you've seen one by now: Whether it's a handsome 3008 crossover or a stately 508 sedan, Peugeot's presence on our streets is already palpable. While we welcome all automotive brands in the country because it means growth
It makes surroundings prettier
This is one of the most beautiful cars you will see on our roads today. Four wheels, two doors, four seats, and a body so bodaciously sensual that I quickly forgave the fact that its heart is meant more for stylish cruising
They also got an RC toy car each
Back in May, we announced that we were partnering with Make-A-Wish Philippines to grant the wishes of two young boys suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The boys--seven-year-old Alex Faisan and seven-year-old Joneyo Trogon--wanted an
The French make good crossovers
After a long gestation period, we finally have the Peugeot 2008 here in our market. Exclusive importer and seller Eurobrands Distributor Inc. introduced the compact crossover tonight to members of the media. But of course, had gotten first dibs
Quality time with children is a must
Meet Glen Dasig, the newly appointed president of Peugeot Philippines (aka Eurobrands Distributor Inc.). As the French carmaker's paternal figure in the country, he has a tight schedule to follow, meetings to attend, and a brand to expand in the Philippines.
Peugeot takes us to Pinto Art Museum
It isn't easy being the new kid on the block in the Philippine auto market. Granted, Peugeot isn't itself a new brand, and there are smaller players cropping up here and there, but Peugeot isn't a fly-by-night
Watch our behind-the-scenes footage
Gracing our cover this month is a surprisingly impressive European diesel subcompact sedan, the Peugeot 301. Available in two variants in the Philippine market, the 301 has eccentricities that you may find amusing."Not only does the diesel powertrain distinguish it from
We get first dibs, actually
Okay, we were not supposed to write about this car this early. This is the Peugeot 301 subcompact sedan, which is set to be launched this March by Eurobrands Distributor Inc., the French carmaker's importer and seller in the Philippines. For
Time to inject dynamism into French brand
Last Friday, our online news editor Patrick Tadeo relayed privileged industry information he had received from an unnamed source."I have just been told that BMW Philippines sales and marketing executive director Glen Dasig has been appointed president of Eurobrands Distributor Inc."
It has a certain je ne sais quoi
I was there during the relaunch of the Peugeot brand in the Philippines, in an air-conditioned venue back in late 2012. I recall perusing the French carmaker's starting lineup at that time, which consisted of the 3008 compact crossover, the
Let's hope they bring it here
Hatchbacks may be more the exception rather than the rule in our predominantly sedan market, but in Europe they're a big thing. In fact, the European Car of the Year for 2014 was the Peugeot 308. Now, the French carmaker has
The intriguing alternative
We love to drive, so we don't exactly go head over heels over a van. But these people-carriers are essential, and we're intrigued with what's offered apart from the two default choices, the Toyota Hiace and the Hyundai
A couple of show-stoppers
Eurobrands Distributor Incorporated, the authorized distributor of Peugeot vehicles in the Philippines, is finally bringing in what could be its most exciting model to date: the 208 GTi.Powered by a 1.6-liter engine that puts out 200hp and 275Nm through
Check out the figure
If you read our cover story on the Peugeot 208 GTi in our February 2014 issue, you would know that author JV Colayco gave an estimate on the car's possible selling price once Eurobrands Distributor Inc. starts selling it in our
Revealed ahead of its Geneva Motor Show launch
The world of motoring is indeed going small. French carmaker Peugeot is the latest to unveil a new city car, called the 108. Considered the replacement of the outgoing 107, this small baby shares its platform with the Toyota Aygo and the
Driven for our February 2014 issue
About two weeks ago, we showed you a video of the Ford EcoSport, which is one of our February cover cars. Of course, we know we have to show you a video footage of the hot hatch that graced our other cover,
We\'re now dreaming of the DS3 Cabrio
When our consumer editor, Botchi Santos, recently visited the main office of Peugeot\'s Philippine importer and seller, Eurobrands Distributor Inc., the company\'s president, Felix Mabilog Jr., told him that EDI might bring in \"another European brand.\" The executive, however, refused
No pricing yet
Earlier this year, we reported here that Eurobrands Distributor Inc., the authorized importer and seller of Peugeot vehicles in the country, was preparing to launch the 208 GTi compact hatchback and the Expert Tepee van. So, whatever happened to these vehicles?Well,
Located on busy C5 Road
The temporary is now permanent.Eurobrands Distributor Inc., the official importer and seller of Peugeot vehicles in the Philippines, has inaugurated its flagship showroom on C5 Road in Barangay Ugong, Pasig City. Simply called Peugeot Pasig, the new sales and after-sales
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