This celebrity dad has good taste in cars
There are only a handful of celebrities that Top Gear PH can consider genuine car guys. Sure, we hear about a few stars who purchased this or purchased that. However, a stable of European exotics does not a car guy make. For
Sales grew by 76%
Once the Top Gear PH team settled back in to work after the holidays, the one word that we kept hearing from local car distributors was "more." One press release after another from different carmakers showed a lot of impressive numbers. A
For mobile workers, at least
Getting to work and back home afterward can be a real pain in the ass, in some parts of the world more so than others, and double the hassle if you're always on the go. With that in mind, wouldn't
The journey of atonement continues
We reported that Volkswagen of America, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the California Air Research Board were on the brink of reaching an agreement, which calls for the German carmaker to compensate aggrieved customers in the diesel-emissions scandal it was
Major losses seen in UK car industry
Last week, the world was rocked by news of the United Kingdom's historic decision to leave the European Union. Also known as Brexit (or British Exit), the referendum by British voters sent shock waves across the globe, particularly in financial markets.
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