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Which cars will be on display?
It's only natural that a Japanese brand showcase its best products in its home market. And that's precisely what Honda will do when the Tokyo Motor Show opens at the end of the month.Japan's premier car show has
Joint venture to fund filling stations
It's no secret that the automotive industry does business in a very competitive environment. Carmakers try to outdo each other in terms of product offerings' features, technology and even designs. It's practically a show of one-upmanship.Once in a
And it means 'future' in Japanese
In June, Toyota revealed the production model of its hydrogen fuel-cell sedan, which first debuted as a concept car at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. Back then, it was simply called FCV, abbreviation for fuel-cell vehicle.Well, the FCV now
Believe it or not
When Toyota finally sells its hydrogen-powered FCV sedan next year, you will be buying more than just a car. According to the Japanese carmaker, it \"could be the answer to keeping the lights on when power cuts strike.\"At the ongoing
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