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Excited about the Toyota FT-86? Toyota has prepared a trailer video of what we can all expect when it finally reveals the sports car at the Tokyo Motor Show next week.The video carries the title "Devoted to Innovation" and shows
Coming soon to the Philippines?
Subaru has finally unveiled at the LA Auto Show the two-door sports coupe it has built in collaboration with Toyota nearly two years after the latter's FT-86 made its global debut at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show.Known initially
Before the production version is revealed in Tokyo
Subaru is finally revealing its version of the two-door sports car it's developing with Toyota when the BRZ Concept makes its world premiere at the Los Angeles Auto Show this November.Subaru's version of Toyota's FT-86 will
The FT-86 is just the beginning
The days of blandly-designed Toyotas may soon be over as the brand's top executive, Toyota Motor president Akio Toyoda, reportedly wants a "more emotional approach" in the Japanese company's future vehicles. And Akihiro Nagaya, general manager of Toyota's
Almost there...
Toyota has revealed the updated version of the FT-86 II Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show and it's technically the FT-86 II Concept that was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show last March.We guessed right that Toyota
Still no word on the production model...
Toyota can't seem to stop teasing us with its FT-86 concept sports car. Just six months after presenting to the public the FT-86 II Concept at the Geneva Motor Show, the Japanese carmaker is presenting another version of the
Can you still wait?
Toyota continues to tease the automotive world about the production version of its FT-86 concept car. After revealing details on what its engine configuration and transmission, Toyota has disclosed information about the FT-86's drivetrain.According to Toyota, the production-
Almost ready for 2012
Toyota Motor clues the world in on its future sports car with the new FT-86 II Concept, which was unveiled at the 81st Geneva International Motor Show.The Japanese carmaker showed off what it says is the "strongest indication yet" of
Getting closer to its production design
Wondering what the production version of the Toyota FT-86 concept will look like? Here's a sneak peek from Toyota:Dubbed as the Toyota FT-86 II, this car builds on the original concept vehicle, which debuted at the 2009 Tokyo
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