Those guys are rolling in cash
Ferrari has delivered the first of the six limited-edition Sergio roadsters to its owner, the SBH Royal Auto Gallery in the United Arab Emirates. The car is slated to appear at Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina Circuit, where the Finali Mondiali
See their reaction
Four of our readers were recently treated to the car ride of their life. It wasn't all luck, mind you. These guys had to submit a photo depicting "Ferrari" without using the Italian automotive brand's logo or cars. The four
Limited to just 6 units
In March 2013, renowned Italian design firm Pininfarina showed off at the Geneva Motor Show the Sergio concept car, which was based on the Ferrari 458 Spider. At that time, however, it was a one-off car created to honor the company'
Latest addition to his high-end car collection
Willie Revillame may not have a TV show anymore but that doesn't mean the comedian is done buying expensive luxury cars and supercars.After buying a Mercedes SLS AMG in May 2013 and the first Rolls-Royce (a Ghost) to be
You can't keep a good guy down
While NBA player Paul George may not be able to drive his Ferrari 458 Spider because of his broken leg, he at least is able to get some fun out of it.Along with his Indiana Pacers teammate Roy Hibbert, George had
A fun way to recover from an injury
When you've got a severely broken leg, the last thing on your mind would probably be when you can drive a car again. Not for NBA basketball player and Indiana Pacers small forward Paul George, it seems.Less than a week
We can only guess how much it costs
Autostrada Motore, the authorized distributor of Ferrari cars in the country, has officially presented the 458 Spider locally, three years after the car's public debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.The 458 Spider is basically the 458 Italia with a
Check out the numbers
You all know the Ferrari 458 Italia coupe as well as the subsequent 458 Spider convertible. Well, the Italian carmaker has created a third variant: the Ferrari 458 Speciale.How special is this car?For one, it boasts a more powerful version
Just five to six units, to be exact
Remember the Sergio concept car which Italian design firm Pininfarina revealed earlier this month at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show? Well, it just might go into "a very limited run of five to six units" at 3 million euros each, Pininfarina chief
Stylish enough for production?
Guess you can't have too many new Ferrari cars these days. Right after the Italian carmaker unleashed the LaFerrari to a delighted motoring world, renowned car designer Pininfarina unveiled this Sergio concept for Ferrari at the 2013 Geneva International Motor Show.
Personalize your dream car
While we may never own a Ferrari in our lifetime, no one's stopping us to pretend we've placed an order for one. If you're one of us, here's the perfect virtual toy for you: the 458 Spider configurator
Another Ferrari for your dream garage
Ferrari has finally debuted the 458 Spider, which is based on the 458 Italia mid-engined sports car but comes with a fully-retractable aluminum hard-top, a world first for a sports car with this layout.According to Ferrari, the 4548
World’s first mid-rear engined berlinetta!
Ferrari has finally unveiled the 458 Italia that further widens the Italian carmaker's range of mid-engined V8s, which offers the same uncompromising technological solutions, handling and performance of its coupe variant in a refined open-top configuration.Ferrari calls the
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