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Customer-ready units of the Ferrari F430-based supercar will be shown in Geneva
It's been a bit quiet on planet New Stratos since, well, exactly one year ago to the week, when Manifattura Automobili Torino (MAT) announced that 25 examples of the resurrected classic would be built.We were promised a 550hp road-going
It’s a one-off called the E.C. OnlyOne P8. Really
The Ferrari F430, granddaddy to today's 488 GTB, has been the launch pad for several special vehicles. Not only in Ferrari's hands, spawning the likes of the 430 Scuderia and the 16M Spider, but also forming the base of the
In residential neighborhood at that
Yesterday, a video showing a small young boy driving a Ferrari F430 in some residential neighborhood in India, began surfacing on the Web. The three-minute video is surreal. Children can be seen in the area, obviously cheering the little driver on.
There is a loophole, however...
The reincarnation of the legendary Lancia Stratos--appropriately called as the New Stratos--has proven to be so popular that, despite being a one-off model originally, over 40 individuals have expressed their interest to acquire one.Unfortunately, the New Stratos may
Why can't we have supercars for rent in Manila?
For many Filipinos, getting the chance to ride in a supercar is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For one Singaporean teen, that kind of experience is something he has relived 35 times in the past three months.Like any male teenager,
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