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Along with an Abarth 595 as part of the package
Lapo Elkann-grandson of Gianni Agnelli and founder of Garage Italia-has a unique taste in cars. Take his Ferrari GTC4 Lusso and Abarth 595, which are being auctioned next week for charity.Proceeds from the sale of the one-off 'Azzurra-
Who would have thought?
If you had to sum up a Huracan in a sentence, you could do worse than 'an Audi R8 made pointier and more impractical in every single way.' The Lambo takes the same ingredients and mixes in worse visibility, a less user-
Each one is a winner
Wagons are cool. And Audi has long been the ultimate authority on fast wagons. Step forward its latest: the Audi RS6. Only the front doors, the roof, and the tailgate are shared with an A6, so even your most myopic neighbor should
“Its character is allowed to shine through its civility”
Think of the GTC4Lusso as Ferrari's SUV. Well, can you think of a more pertinent answer to the sport-utility vehicle conundrum? Four seats, four-wheel drive, and all without the 'benefit' of sitting four feet higher in the air. However,
Grand touring done the Ferrari way
Grand tourers, otherwise known as 'Gran Turismo' or GT cars, are the epitome of automotive bliss. They were conceived to provide enthusiasts with a stylish, comfortable, and performance-oriented drive over long distances. Prerequisites include a drivetrain that can sustain high speeds,
Need a 690hp GTC4 Lusso with more ’80s swagger? Ares wants to help...
If you've never been enamored with the hatchback-breadvan styling of the Ferrari FF and GTC4 four-seaters, and yearned for a more classical sedan silhouette for your practical Ferrari, Ares Design wants to see you. And your checkbook.The latest
Are you eyeing any of them?
So far, 2018 has been a hell of a year for the local auto scene. Car after car, launch after launch--it just seems like there's no end to the number of new arrivals. And it isn't just limited to
Combining performance and elegance in one package
Today, Autostrada Motore launched Ferrari's latest iteration of its four-seat, grand-touring luxury coupe: the GTC4 Lusso. GT meaning grand touring, C for coupe, and 4 meaning four-seater, four-wheel drive, and four-wheel steering. Lusso, by the way,
First place isn't surprising at all
We have no doubt these cars will be superseded next year, but before 2016 ends let's take a look at the automobiles that set the benchmarks for horsepower this year.10) Mercedes-AMG E63 S - 604hp, 249kphAn E-class with 600hp.
It has the new 3.9-liter turbo V8
News from Maranello. This is the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T, a rear-wheel-drive, turbocharged V8 version of Ferrari's rather good all-wheel drive V12-engined grand tourer.Set for a Paris Motor Show debut, the T will be the 'entry-
Reminiscent of the FF
The Ferrari FF has always been considered a controversial model. Off the bat, the front-engine layout and four-wheel drivetrain were simply too much for purists to appreciate. Then there's the styling--it just didn't look like a typical
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