We like shiny stuff
Nowadays, it's becoming difficult to tell different custom choppers, bobbers and café racers apart from one another-they're all beginning to look alike. But if you think the era of distinct bespoke bikes is coming to an end, this little
Are we the 'smoothest' in the world?
Filipino drivers experience a range of emotions when on the road. Unfortunately, that range is made up of emotions like frustration, stress, annoyance, and oftentimes even despair...or so we thought.Surprisingly, a recent study conducted by Shell in partnership with Goldsmiths,
The Force is strong with this one
Here at Top Gear PH, we love reading about rare cars. While most of the ones we hear about are vintage models, it's just as nice to read about modern rides that are unique in some way. Each car we come
'Big body 'yan, pare!'
Pinoys have a funny way of naming things, including all the weird and wonderful nicknames they've given to cars over the years. Obviously, some of those nicknames are based on popular trim variants of the car. People still call sixth-generation (
Government should really consider these
EDITOR'S NOTE: A funny take on the Philippines' Land Transportation and Traffic Code (or Republic Act No. 4136) was shared by our legal columnist Robby Consunji on his Facebook page, based on some joke that had been circulating online. Robby thinks
Filipino ingenuity at its best
We've seen some wonderfully unusual things here at Top Gear Philippines, but H2O Technologies' top-secret toy takes the cake."So, this one's the clutch?" I ask, yet again, hoping the mechanic isn't too terribly cross with me. "And
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