Meet the VelociRaptor 500 Bronco
Hennessey has modified the Ford Bronco Raptor to produce a power level once the sole preserve of supercar exotica. The VelociRaptor 500 Bronco now packs as much power as an old Porsche 911 Turbo.Of course, the factory-fresh Bronco Raptor revealed
In case the ‘regular’ Bronco Raptor’s 400+ horses aren’t enough
Hennessey has modified the Ford Bronco Raptor to produce a power level once the sole preserve of supercar exotica. The VelociRaptor 500 Bronco now packs as much power as an old Porsche 911 Turbo.Of course, the factory fresh Bronco Raptor, revealed
It was inevitable...but still awesome
Yes, we are still salty about the fact Ford won't bring the brilliant Bronco outside North America. And no, these fantastically retro Heritage Editions are not helping with that one bit.These Heritage Editions pay tribute to the original, first-generation
Do you agree with the concept?
The line between restoring and restomodding is both fine and ill-defined. If you have an S1 Fulvia and fit the better brakes from the S2, have you restomodded? If you can't find the exact part for your Mitsubishi GTO but
This is no ordinary Bronco
This, as the picture and indeed headline may have given away, is not your average Ford Bronco. What it is, however, is one more reason why we think the USA could work out quite nicely for us.Just to be clear, we'
Power is just the beginning
Ford had a tall task ahead of it when it set out to build an even gnarlier version of the current-generation Bronco. Earlier this year, the brand was able to show it would deliver-at least in terms of aesthetics. As
It was inevitable
Apocalypse Manufacturing. Quite the name for a car company, isn't it?But then, the Florida-based firm doesn't exactly build your common or garden crossovers. Take its latest product as an example - this is the Dark Horse, a six-wheeled,
In case floods are a regular thing in your area
Bronco this, Bronco that. It seems like a new Ford Bronco variant is coming out every couple of months now. Not that we're complaining-it's probably just the little green monster in our heads tapping away at the keyboard. Anyway,
Just needs a little bit of elbow grease
Everyone's favorite radio-controlled car builder Tamiya has unveiled some of its new products for 2022, and we are obsessed with this brilliant recreation of the Ford Bronco. You can't handle the cuteness.Tamiya says that this will be an
This, or the standard Raptor?
John Hennessey saw that Ford planned to unveil the Bronco Raptor and basically said, "Hold my beer."This is the Hennessey Bronco VelociRaptor 400. It's a souped-up version of the high-demand off-road plaything, and its reveal came several
Damn, that blue paint job is stunning
Jenson Button's old Ford Bronco is currently up for auction, which means you-yes, you-have the opportunity to purchase a classic off-roader once driven by a Formula 1 world champion.And not just any old Ford Bronco, but one
They stood out in the briefest of appearances
Say what you will about the film (just not 'Martha', please), there is one truly shining, unexpected motoring moment. Not when Batman literally guns down goons in his cartoonish Batmobile, but when Bruce Wayne pulls up to a lavish gala in an
Not bad
The Ford Bronco in stock form is already quite a capable off-road toy. But as anyone who's a fan of kicking up dirt and climbing rocks will tell you, there's always room for a little extra capability.This is
Stop dumping trash in our waters, guys
We aren't sure what to think of this news. On one hand, Ford is making the most of a bad situation by using plastic from our planet's oceans to make car parts. On the other hand, the thought that there'
The carmaker had a pretty strong month in November
The year 2021 has been pretty good for Ford, particularly in the US. The carmaker has shared its sales report for November 2021, and with it comes the announcement that the F-Series is once again America's best-selling truck.Ford
In action on a dirt track, no less
The Ford Bronco is a really good off-road machine, and that's why we're expecting big things from the Bronco Raptor. We've been dying to get a look at it ever since Ford officially made the announcement, and now
Japanese or American?
Production of the Toyota FJ Cruiser has dwindled over the past couple of years, with mainstream markets like Japan and the US releasing farewell versions of the iconic SUV in 2014 and 2017, respectively. There's been no word regarding a next-
It’s going to cost you, though
It's not a road car, but where this thing wants to go, you don't need...roads. This is the new Ford Bronco DR, a purpose-built off-road racer that Ford describes as a "first-of-its-kind" limited production
Which of these do you dig the most?
After getting called off in 2020 due to the pandemic, the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show will finally make its return this year. And with only a week to go before it opens, carmakers and aftermarket brands have started giving us
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