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The crossover is expanding its range
The Ford EcoSport's 1.5-liter engine can now be had in a top-of-the-line EcoSport package.Ford Philippines has announced that the subcompact crossover is now available in a new 1.5L Titanium AT variant. When the car
A subcompact-crossover shootout
The crossover craze seems to be going strong well into 2019. In this fight, we have two relative newcomers to the market: The facelifted Ford EcoSport, which is the refreshed version of the American brand's Philippine bestseller, and the Hyundai Kona,
In the past, it was neither ‘Eco’ nor ‘Sport’
There's no denying the sales success Ford Philippines has achieved with its EcoSport subcompact crossover. But one of the gripes with the previous-generation was that it felt underpowered on the highway. So when the replacement arrived, one inevitable question is
It has roots in South America
While the Ford EcoSport was scientifically designed to appeal to a diverse international demographic, I'd like to imagine the process involved scantily clad carnaval dancers, a beachside bar, and a lot of tropical drinks. Where its Brazil-only predecessor was rather
Watch our review to find out
The old Ford EcoSport proved a bestseller for the American carmaker. Just take a look around a busy street and count how many subcompact crossovers with blue badges you come across. It made sense: It was affordable and spacious, but also compact
Looking tough and aggressive
Ford's little EcoSport isn't exactly the first vehicle that comes to mind when you think of the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show (SEMA), but with the growing popularity of subcompact SUVs, it's no surprise that this cute-ute has
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