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Classic Fords go under the hammer
World class automotive specialists Silverstone Auctions has unveiled its list of lots for the annual September Sale-with legendary Fords taking the center stage. Here are some fine examples.This 2006 Ford GT, which is one of just 27 UK-delivered examples,
Yep, this car is in this state today
George Apacible is a true car guy and a well-known figure in the local racing community. He also has one hell of a car collection, including this 1972 Mark I Ford Escort.A brief primer on the model: It is acknowledged
Boasting 333hp with 9,000rpm redline
In Ken Block's last Gymkhana video, we saw him drive the insane 845hp AWD Hoonicorn RTR, which was based on the bodyshell of a 1965 Ford Mustang. This time, he's going for another old-school Ford, his personal 1978 Mk2
See the exterior design
A year after showing off the Escort Concept at the 2013 Auto China, American carmaker Ford has finally revealed the production model that it developed "with the Chinese market in mind.""The Escort is a perfect example of how Ford's global
Only for the Chinese market
China is such a huge market for carmakers that if they're not opening their biggest-ever showroom in the country, they're revealing their plans to launch all-new models exclusively for the market. Ford isn't doing just the latter--
Do you know which car is number one?
Have you ever paused and wondered what the best-selling automobiles of all time are? We have. In fact, we have even thought of doing our own list. But doing so is a little tricky. First, there's the issue of what
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