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But we've heard a similar story before
In May 2011, Ford announced that it would bring the Focus ST high-performance hatchback for the first time to Asia and North America. It has been almost four years since, and yet Ford Philippines has never let on that it will
Which engine do you prefer: EcoBoost or TDCi?
Ford has updated the Focus ST, but besides giving it "new chassis control technologies, tuned suspension and steering, and bespoke tire specification," the American carmaker is now offering it with a diesel engine.The first-ever diesel Focus ST has a 2.
Presenting the Shelby Focus ST
While the name Shelby American is synonymous with powerful, heavily modified Ford Mustangs, the American aftermarket brand has now added another Ford nameplate to its portfolio: the Focus ST.Called the Shelby Focus ST, the car receives a new Ford Racing suspension
Offering the best of both worlds
When Ford developed the all-new Focus, its engineers raised the bar for refinement by cutting noise and improving soundproofing. But for a high-performance car like the Focus ST, the engine sound is an integral part of the driving experience, so
At least 'not right now'
Last week, we speculated that both the Ford Focus ST and the EcoSport could be on their way here as the photos of these two cars were present in the Philippine channel of Ford's media site.While we wanted to get
Why we think this could happen soon
As motoring journalists, our job requires us to periodically browse through the media sites of car manufacturers. It was during one such time while browsing through Ford's media site that we wondered if Ford Group Philippines could actually bring in the
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