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It will use the EV company’s skateboard platform
These will save the company billions
Ford Motor Company is about to make the biggest changes since its former president and CEO, Alan Mulally, saved the Blue Oval and turned it into a healthier company almost a decade ago. Mulally's "One Ford" vision merged similar-sized regional
The Mustang, thankfully, is spared
Let's cut to the chase: Ford has announced that it will no longer invest in developing next-generation versions of traditional sedans and small cars in the US market, meaning vehicles like the Fiesta, Focus and Fusion are done.Instead, the
Exciting times ahead
It started with rumors, and then the Dearborn-based carmaker confirmed its future models. The only thing left is for Ford to present us its new vehicles.We're sure a lot of you want to see the other new exciting vehicles
He replaces Mark Fields
Ford's global CEO Mark Fields has retired. Well, retired is the official word. Since he went with no notice period, and he's an extremely fit 56 years old, it's safe to say he 'was retired.' What did he do
Which one's your favorite?
Last year's Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas was definitely one worth remembering. Every carmaker brought its aftermarket game up a notch for the event, including Ford, who had one of the most impressive displays at the event.
That's not a bad idea
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. The race to an autonomous future is definitely on, and the latest automaker to join the fray is the Ford Motor Company. But the
In this case, alcohol and cars can mix
In recent years, carmakers have been striving to make vehicles greener not just by lowering harmful emissions, but also by selecting what materials go into these vehicles.Brands like Ford have been working on making their products more eco-friendly. The American
A tribute to American motoring history
Despite the fact that we live in the digital age, there are still those who prefer using good old-fashioned snail mail to get their messages across. Yes, electronic mail may be more efficient, but there's something about the novelty of
Are you one of them?
The Ford GT is one of the most eagerly anticipated supercars this year. In fact, the American carmaker's halo model has been touted as a rarity even before it hits the streets. This is because Ford has revealed that it will
First 500 lucky buyers to be selected
If you ask me, not everyone should be allowed to purchase a special car, no matter how loaded the person is. For instance, I honestly think corrupt Filipino politicians should be forever barred from buying a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. It's
The ultimate SUV salvo?
Among carmakers, Ford arguably has the most extensive range of SUVs. The American carmaker has the full-size Expedition, the midsize Explorer, the compact Escape, and the subcompact EcoSport in its stable. Then the US market has the Edge, and the Southeast
Ford to pull out of Japan, Indonesia
Ford Motor Company has announced that it will withdraw from the Japanese and Indonesian markets later this year. According to Ford's president of Asia Pacific David Schoch, it was a difficult decision to end operations in the two markets.He pointed
Ever heard of biomimicry?
Mankind has thought up countless potential ideas to help in the fight to preserve our environment. We've set up solar-power plants that stretch out for acres, built wind turbines hundreds of feet high, and produced millions of emission-free vehicles
He's called Spokesman of Service
As someone who has been covering the auto industry for many years, I am pretty familiar with the weaknesses of each car brand in our market--areas that could use some improvement (or at least some image-polishing). In the case of
Even offering prize money for the effort
Just a few days ago, we wrote about Ford's participation in this year's Gamescom event in Cologne, Germany. The event, if you recall, showed off two cool Ford vehicles--the awesome GT and a one-off Forza Focus RS that
Houston, we have a badass muscle car
Ford will auction a special Mustang Apollo Edition at this year's Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Gathering of Eagles charity event in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, on July 23. The event will feature a Mustang being sold and donated for the benefit of the
Putting the world on autonomous wheels
We live in an age when technologies that were once exclusive have become part of our everyday lives. This is evident in our smart phones and in cars that can park themselves. In the automotive industry, Ford Motor Company has been known
Sets new world record
We're pretty sure quite a lot of you out there played with your favorite toy cars for hours on end when you were kids. And one way that you had fun was to let your cars go around a makeshift track.
Available in 2 versions
At the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Ford announced that it was teaming up with NASCAR legend Richard Petty to create the "Petty's Garage Mustang GT." Only a few months later and the car will reportedly go into limited production
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