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The smaller engine is still fun
I've always loved muscle cars. Maybe it was the indelible image of Dominic Toretto driving his Dodge Charger that did me in, or watching Nicolas Cage chase after Eleanor in the Gone in 60 Seconds remake, but those rear-wheel-drive
With over 100,000 units sold in 2015
The iconic Ford Mustang is one of the most recognizable cars in the world, but until recently it had only been officially available in North America and a few other select markets. For the pony car's 50th birthday, the Dearborn-based
Ever heard of active grille shutters?
The Ford Mustang nameplate is now 51 years old, yet it exhibits no sign of aging. If anything, it has evolved through the years in terms of exterior styling and performance.With the sixth-generation Mustang--launched last night and to be
An event worthy of a rock star
Ford seems to like long introductions of its models. We first saw the sixth-generation Mustang personally in Sydney, Australia, back in December 2013. It was a coordinated global reveal, and from that initial impression, the new Mustang was already showing a
We want you to take our poll
If you're buying the all-new Ford Mustang, we ask you to take a good, wistful look at the photograph. That's because you will never be able to experience what you see in the picture.No, we're not talking
Official prices of EcoBoost and GT models
As we told you last week, tonight (April 23) is the official Philippine launch of the all-new, sixth-generation Ford Mustang. Indeed, Ford Philippines has presented the iconic pony car before the media and select VIP guests as we write this.
As revealed by Ford executives
Ford Philippines is truly on a roll. After launching the new EcoSport, the third-generation Escape and the Explorer Sport with EcoBoost V6 this year, the American carmaker continues to reveal more product offerings that will arrive in the coming months.To
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For our November 2014 issue, we did so much traveling around the world that we decided to call it "The Global Issue." And to make this issue truly special, we made two covers for it. One is the Ford Mustang EcoBoost, as
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