Articles about Ford Ranger FX4

Will it be the dark horse in the competitive midrange pickup market?
Since its launch in late 2011, the 'T6' Ranger has been a smash hit for Ford, combining the swagger and power expected of an American truck with a Japanese-level price tag. The T6 has been so good, in fact, that it
We think it’s the FX4
Ford Philippines is reinforcing its local Ranger lineup next week with the launch of a new variant.The American car manufacturer has already sent out invitations for the upcoming launch event. Attached to the invites is a single photo of the pickup
Nostalgia's really something
My family has owned pickup trucks for as long as I can remember-Nissan ones, if we're being specific. We owned two Pathfinders as family vehicles heading into the 2010s, and, the most recent addition to our garage is a current-
Promos cover the brand's bestsellers
Purchasing a new vehicle has never been more attainable, thanks to promos and several financing options. This month, Ford Philippines wants to give you more reasons to consider buying one of its bestsellers, as certain variants of the EcoSport, the Everest, and
It can tackle any urban assault
They might all look alike from a distance, but the truth is that not all pickups are made equal. Hell, even different variants of the same model are designed for different purposes. When Ford Philippines first revealed the FX4 in late 2016,
Yes, it comes in black
Not all pickups are made equal. Some emphasize the whole rough-and-rugged thing, coming equipped with 4x4, a big engine, and all the off-road, jungle-tackling capability you can imagine. Meanwhile, others are perfectly content with staying in jungles of
It's a jungle out there
Some might question the need for yet another Ford Ranger variant, when we already have the XLT and the Wildtrak, but the FX4 gives you a lot of the goodies of the latter, at close to the price of the former. Sure,
The most badass-looking Ranger yet
The current Ford Ranger lineup certainly lives up to the 'Built Tough' marketing hype. It has a good mix of tried-and-tested engine power hidden beneath a tank-like exterior that looks ready to bulldoze any terrain you dare to test
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