How time flies
The Everest, Ranger, Territory, and Ranger Raptor (soon, we think). Frankly, you just can't talk SUVs and pickups without mentioning Ford Philippines.The American car brand has cemented its reputation as one of the market's go-to truck and SUV
This global supply-chain crisis is really getting out of hand
Toyota recently announced it will be making production cuts in October. Honda, meanwhile, said that it is having issues with deliveries of all-new HR-Vs here in the Philippines. What else has this supply-chain crisis brought to the automotive industry?
The all-new Ford Territory has also landed in Mexico with a 1.8-liter EcoBoost
Simple workhorses, right?
At the heart of it, work trucks are really just one thing: simple, reliable tools, made to shoulder the weight of their owners' vocations. But machines made with such honesty of intent and singularity of purpose somehow wind up being desirable in
The new powertrain’s capable of 187hp and 320Nm of torque
Ford has continuously been rolling out China's Equator Sport as the all-new Territory in several markets including ASEAN. Now, the model has made its way to North America, and it marks the popular nameplate's arrival in the region.To
These utes aren’t all rugged brutes
As much as I like pickups, I'm never going to get one as a daily driver. A pickup has too large a footprint, offers limited room inside the cabin, lacks accessible cargo space, and can be downright tiring to drive. My
Dropping by?
Ford has some pretty good news for Pampangueños eyeing a brand-new pickup or midsize SUV: Its Island Conquest test drive event is rolling into town this weekend.From September 23 to 25, prospective car buyers can check out the Ranger,
It’s still powered by gasoline, and it’s now more powerful than ever
The new Ford Mustang arrives at something of an interesting juncture for cars: expensive fuel, EVs on the upswing, and governments coming down on all things combustion-powered. So, does that mean the seventh generation is now downsized, hybridized or somehow bastardized?
Ever heard about Fordlandia, Brazil?
Before Ford Motor Company was incorporated in 1903, Henry Ford was already working with vehicles and automobiles in the 1890s. In 1896, Ford built his first vehicle, the Quadricycle, which had four bicycle wheels, a tiller instead of a steering wheel, and
Five stars for both models
Ford's latest offerings aren't just tough off the beaten path. If the results from the latest round of Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) are anything to go by, they're reliable when things take a turn a turn for
The current-generation model’s final units have been sold
If you've been planning to pull the trigger on buying a Ford Ranger Raptor soon, you might want to sit down for this.The Ford Ranger Raptor, the performance version of the standard pickup, is no longer available in the Philippine
Wait…that’s it?
You know how sometimes movies and video games don't just have teasers, but have teasers for teasers as well? Well, this is sort of the same thing.Can we even call Ford's latest 2023 Mustang video a teaser? Technically, the
It remains one of Ford’s best-selling vehicles
The past month of August marked two years since the Ford Territory was launched in our market. The fact that it was revealed during a time of strict lockdowns in our country was perhaps a big gamble for Ford Philippines, but it'
It’s royal memorabilia that’s actually worth buying
If you are a human being on this planet (and we're betting that at least some of you are), you'll have noticed how pricey things seem to be getting.And it seems that not even royal memorabilia is immune-as
Now that’s what we call a rescue effort
What's the worst position you've ever been in while off-roading? Stalled in waist-deep water, perhaps? Or how about being forced to winch your way out of tire-swallowing terrain? Yeah, that's rough-but still probably has nothing
It was inevitable...but still awesome
Yes, we are still salty about the fact Ford won't bring the brilliant Bronco outside North America. And no, these fantastically retro Heritage Editions are not helping with that one bit.These Heritage Editions pay tribute to the original, first-generation
Attention southerners
We're willing to bet that many of you made your minds up to buy the all-new Ford Ranger or Everest even prior to the two vehicles' local introduction. Understandable, considering the hype surrounding their launch.May we make a suggestion,
Let’s get ready to rumble!
Just when you thought the truck wars were starting to quiet down, Ford launches the next-generation Ranger. Let's see how this fresh challenger fares in one of the country's hottest segments. For this spec-sheet brawl, we'll be
Now’s your chance to queue up
Ford Philippines recently launched all-new iterations of its two biggest nameplates in our market: the Everest and the Ranger. Starting this month, the company will accept online reservations for all variants of both the SUV and the pickup.The carmaker has
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