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Toyota and Mitsubishi, all eyes are on you
Things are about to get ugly on Philippine roads--and no, we're not talking about corrupt traffic officers or motoring Armageddon. The all-new Ford Everest, the Toyota Fortuner and the Mitsubishi Montero Sport are all set to slug it out
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Dear Botchi,We are family of five and often take one yaya along with us when we go out on weekends. We are replacing our Toyota Innova and deciding between a Kia Carnival LWB EX model and the new Toyota Fortuner A/
Completing the refresh of Toyota's IMV lineup
It was bound to happen sooner or later. Six months after Toyota Motor Philippines updated the look of the current-generation Hilux and Fortuner, the Japanese carmaker is completing the face-lift of its Innovative International Multi-Purpose Vehicle (IMV) line by
Carmaker geared up for 10th triple crown award
Toyota Motor Philippines is on the road to bagging its 10th triple crown award as sales begin to normalize along with indicators that the car company will again end the year ahead of the competition.The Japanese carmaker said it sold a
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Hi, Botchi! First let me commend you for your column. It's very informative and I enjoy reading it very much.My name is Jose and I'm from Cavite. I've been planning to buy a Hyundai Tucson 2.0 GLS
And what about the Innova?
With the recent launch of the refreshed Toyota Fortuner and Hilux, Toyota Motor Philippines is optimistic about the sales of both nameplates as the Japanese carmaker strives to attain its 10th consecutive Triple Crown title."We might have lost a couple of
You asked for it
You've repeatedly asked for it, so Toyota Motor Philippines grants your wish as the Japanese carmaker is finally bringing to the market the refreshed Hilux and Fortuner. To be displayed at the Toyota Tent Event, which will be held on August
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Hi, Botchi!I'm planning to upgrade to a sport-utility vehicle. I have read some of your columns and found comparisons between the Toyota Fortuner and the Ford Everest. I'm comparing the Everest 4x2 2.5 LTD Ice and the
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Hi, Botchi!My name is David and I'm from Laguna. I am planning to buy a sport-utility vehicle (SUV) and I'm choosing between a Mitsubishi Montero Sport, an Isuzu Alterra and Toyota Fortuner. Can you please tell me which
Are local units affected?
Toyota Vietnam is recalling 65,703 units of its locally-assembled Fortuner sport-utility vehicle and Innova Asian-utility vehicle nearly a month after the Japanese carmaker made a similar announcement involving a much lower number of vehicles.In March, Toyota announced
Plus: More things you need to know about car theft
Are you driving a Toyota Fortuner? Then it's time to secure your parking area. The Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) has identified the Toyota sport-utility vehicle as the top favorite of car thieves.The Toyota Fortuner is
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