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A true workhorse
You've seen it plying unforgiving deserts, mud-filled rainforests, and bullet-torn war zones (sometimes under not-so-ideal circumstances). As one of the world's best-selling pickups, the Toyota Hilux has seen its fair share of action in just
Hopes are high for this one
Now in its fourth-generation, the Audi RS4 is a legend in the world of unfeasibly fast dog-friendly vehicles. This new version, revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, appears to only bolster that reputation. Despite dropping a couple of cylinders, its
The next generation of racing cars
There have been a lot of hot hatches getting attention at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Renault, Hyundai, and Seat all want to take a swipe at the Honda Civic Type R, currently the feistiest front-driven hatchback on sale.Not to be
And we dig that about it
Lots of shiny stuff will grace the Frankfurt Motor Show, but few cars will please enormous driving nerds as much as this one. Meet the Porsche 911 GT3 with Touring Package. Or the GT3 Touring, for the sake of simplicity."What's
From zero to 400kph to zero in record time
With no new cars to reveal at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, Bugatti has instead used the opportunity to demonstrate just how fast the 1,479hp Chiron really is. Not with an outright speed record (that's scheduled for 2018...), but
Say hello to the Discovery SVX
If you own a new Land Rover Discovery, lack of off-road ability probably isn't top of your list of complaints, but the company's special vehicle operations (SVO) department doesn't care-it's built the ultimate off-road Disco
It has four-wheel steering
As night follows day, so Roadster follows Coupe. Today we bring you news of the upgraded Lamborghini Aventador Roadster-the Aventador 'S' Roadster.As with any new car news this week-barring the new TVR of course-it'll be premiered in
40 years old and going strong
At the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, BMW will unveil a special, '40 Jahre' edition of its all-new 7-Series. It is intended to celebrate 40 years since the first, E23 BMW 7-Series arrived, and it puts us in a
A company executive muses
Rumors are swirling that BMW is readying a brand-new 8-Series. This is good news, because we rather like the BMW 8-Series.Seems BMW's vice president of Group Design, Adrian van Hooydonk, is open to the idea, too. When
Maranello's best roadster to date
There has been no shortage of amazing vehicles at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, but perhaps the most intriguing of the bunch--to us, at least--is Italian super brand Ferrari's latest open-top V8 offering, the new 488 Spider.
Another crossover from the carmaker?
Last month, we wrote about Mazda's intriguing new crossover concept, the Koeru, which could quite possibly be a glimpse into the direction the Japanese carmaker is taking with regard to its crossover design language. Well, the Koeru finally made its world
Production may begin soon
After 20 years, the Toyota RAV4, just like its owners, has grown physically. The once-diminutive urban runabout now possesses dimensions that are closer to midsize-SUV stats. But with the likes of the Ford EcoSport and the Hyundai i20 Cross Sport
Modern version of the Esteem
Last month, we gave you a preview of a new compact hatchback that was set for global reveal at the Frankfurt Motor Show. That car is the Suzuki Baleno, the present iteration of a nameplate sold locally back in the mid-'90s:
Also hints at GT and other variants
When it comes to midsize sedans, buyers often choose the likes of the Honda Accord, the Mazda 6 and, of course, the Toyota Camry. For those who want to be different, the Hyundai Sonata and the Subaru Legacy are what they pick.
Let the luxury crossover wars begin
The all-new Jaguar F-Pace has just broken cover at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The British carmaker dubs the F-Pace as a "crossover engineered to offer the performance, responsiveness and agility that all Jaguars are known for, together with unrivaled
Now sportier than ever
The current Volkswagen Tiguan never really made a splash when it landed on our shores. It's also hard to ignore the fact that it's one of the oldest in its segment, but this won't be the case for long.
Meet the futuristic Mission E
So it seems the Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid sports car was just the beginning. For the forthcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, the German carmaker will show off a concept called the Mission E. This is the first fully electric four-seater from Porsche,
This special version boasts 261hp
In 1976, Volkswagen changed the world's perception of compact cars by introducing a model that could rival bigger, more powerful offerings. That car was the Golf GTI. For a fraction of the price of most sports cars, the GTI gave its
Like a go-kart on steroids
Remember the time when Honda used to be the Mazda of the car industry? Which is to say the era when the Japanese carmaker was exciting and fun. No? Then perhaps this little thing will remind you.This is the Honda Project
Over 40 years in the making
When we last wrote about the upcoming Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet, we called it a classic in the making. It stayed true to the model's history, as well as to the style and elegance expected of the S-Class label.
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