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One really big mountain and lots of special Japanese cars. Highlights here
She placed second at the Ferrari Challenge in Japan
Not bad at all. Angie King, with relatively little professional racing experience, managed to impress in round four of the 2017 Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific held at Fuji Speedway, Japan.Angie was admittedly nervous when she took to the track in her
If you’re not a Nissan fan, you will be
I can say I've been to Japan more times than the average Filipino. The Land of the Rising Sun is my happy place, and I enjoy the food, the cars, the culture, and the unique hospitality. Giving me one more reason
We take a sip of the FCV's liquid emission
You may have heard that Toyota Motor Corporation has created a car so futuristic that they called it Mirai, which in Japanese means "the future." Heck, it's so futuristic they just had to feature it in a tribute video on the
How close is it to the real thing?
If you've always been curious about how a race car driver who has driven a particular race car will fare in the same vehicle but on a simulated racetrack, Toyota has answered it for you by having its Le Mans and
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