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She placed second at the Ferrari Challenge in Japan
If you’re not a Nissan fan, you will be
I can say I've been to Japan more times than the average Filipino. The Land of the Rising Sun is my happy place, and I enjoy the food, the cars, the culture, and the unique hospitality. Giving me one more reason
We take a sip of the FCV's liquid emission
You may have heard that Toyota Motor Corporation has created a car so futuristic that they called it Mirai, which in Japanese means "the future." Heck, it's so futuristic they just had to feature it in a tribute video on the
How close is it to the real thing?
If you've always been curious about how a race car driver who has driven a particular race car will fare in the same vehicle but on a simulated racetrack, Toyota has answered it for you by having its Le Mans and
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