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Now this is what we call traffic-proof
Earlier this month, luxury car manufacturer Genesis gave the world a proper look at the 2022 G90 sedan-a vehicle that's supposed to take on the likes of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.Now, as far as the exterior is concerned,
It’s a very posh and refined car
What is the plural of Genesis? Genesises? Genesi? It's Geneses if you consult an online dictionary. It's something we ought to make a decision on quickly, though, because the luxe Korean brand is cranking out new cars at a turbocharged
And it matches the grille
Wheel design is a subjective topic, we know that. And yet we can confidently tell you that the Genesis G90 sedan has the best-looking alloy wheels of any new car on sale today.This was brought to our attention recently when
Not your regular Hyundai plush anymore
It was only recently when we ran a couple of stories about a new luxury brand entering the market. Keen readers among you may recall that this marque will be known as Genesis, the luxury division of Korean carmaker Hyundai Motor Company.
Is this luxurious enough for you?
Last week, we reported that Hyundai would be launching its very own luxury brand called Genesis. According to that story, the upscale Korean brand, created in the same vein as Lexus, Acura and Infiniti, will have a unique identity to set it
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