Looking good
Automotive-themed footwear can be pretty hit or miss. Sometimes, their designs try too hard to appear car-centric and end up looking busy, other times there's barely anything resembling the vehicle a shoe is based on in the look.The
More than just a paint job
Remember the BMW iX Flow? The vehicle was revealed at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show and caught eyes with its tippy color-shifting exterior.The "electrophoretic" paint job (if we can even call it that) uses tech similar to that used in
This looks like a hoot to drive
The new BMW M2 ticks off quite a few of M Division's traditional performance car boxes. There's a straight-six engine up front. There's the option of a manual gearbox in the middle. And it's rear-wheel-drive.
Something to look forward to
It should. It's based on the same platform as the BMW X3-one of the most sellable models in the brand's global lineup-with an identical shape, and similar overall design and proportions. Sure, the front grille isn't open
Another option to consider
Several months ago, the Auto Nation Group (ANG)-our market's official Mercedes-Benz distributor-beefed up the local luxury sedan segment by bringing in the 2023 E-Class. Now, the company is expanding buyers' options even further.ANG has announced that
Are you down with its exterior, though?
This is the new BMW XM, and it is a car of firsts, and mosts. The first M car to deploy a hybrid powertrain. And thus, the first M car able to be motivated-albeit for short distances-purely on electricity. The
And it looks like a hoot to drive, too
Driving a truck? Doesn't sound like too much fun, does it? At least not in the way you're probably imagining it-stuck in traffic, maneuvering a large hunk of metal through a chaotic sea of cars and motorbikes zipping around
The two brands have inked a long-term partnership
A motorcycle manufacturer with a reputation for producing some of the best retro bikes in the business, and a company known for classic speaker designs-not bad as far as partnerships go if you ask us.BMW has just announced that it
Not bad
As you'll well know, BMW loves its art cars. And to put it mildly, we're rather fond of them, too.Only thing is, BMW's art cars are usually designed and painted by, well...artists. This latest collection may look
For your viewing pleasure
In our line of work, review units are handed over with a little mileage on them. Vehicles that haven't been broken in, after all, are hardly proper barometers for the type of performance manufacturers would like to convey to consumers.Every
Worth checking out?
For the longest time, Volkswagen was a brand that was relatively outside the budget of most Filipino car buyers. Then came the Santana, and the company's lineup changed forever.The subcompact sedan was launched in May 2018, spearheading the German carmaker'
That’s one popping crossover
There's nothing like a fresh splash of bright paint to liven up a car, right? BMW has done exactly this with the X2, giving it a livelier look courtesy of a handful of exterior add-ons and some new color applications.
This could be what the future of BMWs looks like
Remember the BMW Next 100 from 2016? We don't blame you if you don't-the span since then is pretty much an era by auto industry standards, and the German carmaker has come up with plenty of memorable concept cars
Will conventional keys become a thing of the past?
Apple has teamed up with BMW to make unlocking a wide variety of Bimmers possible via iPhone. This feature was previously available for Android devices as well. According to the car brand, BMW Digital Key for the iPhone will be available in
Thankfully, his wife is very supportive of his hobby
Thousands of Porsche models of varying scales are laid out in meticulous order inside Alberto's (last name hidden upon request) home. They're all arranged by theme, with specific corners of his abode dedicated to different periods in the brand's
We’ve come a long way
Electric vehicles may be the in thing now, but carmakers have been delving into the idea of clean and quiet propulsion long before it became fashionable. Proof of this is Mercedes-Benz's electric-powered 190E from the early '90s.The German
Warning: It’s a bit complicated
We're going on well over a month in enhanced community quarantine now-that's a pretty long time stuck at home. If you've been trying your hardest to keep busy over this period, chances are you've exhausted all your
Grab your crayons!
We're only a couple of days into COVID-19 quarantine and there's still no telling how long this situation is going to last. In the event your kids are starting to get on your nerves restless, Mercedes-Benz has something
Yay or nay
Everyone's going minimal these days. First, it was Volkswagen at the 2019 Frankfurt International Motor Show, unveiling a cleaner, simpler direction for its iconic V and W logo. Now, BMW's basically gone and done the same thing.The German car
“The new structure will strengthen Audi’s role within the Volkswagen Group”
Audi will soon be completely owned by the Volkswagen Group after the latter announced its plans to acquire the remaining 0.36% of the carmaker's shares. Prior to this announcement, Volkswagen owned 99.64% of Audi's shares.The company also
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