A tribute to the Nürburgring
Apparently, it was three-time Formula 1 champion Jackie Stewart who first called Germany's Nürburgring the 'Green Hell.' Sixty or so years later, the nickname stands-the 20.8km Nordschleife, which runs through the heavily wooded Eifel Mountains, has changed
They get up to 503hp, a drift analyzer—and of course, those snouts
Watch out, Honda Civic Type R
Correct. It still does. It develops 302hp, shares it between all four wheels, and costs £37,740 (P2.36 million). It's a rival to the Audi S3, the Mercedes-AMG A35, and the next VW Golf R, which all make north
Free stuff is always nice
If you're looking to ride into the new normal behind the wheel of a car on the premium side of the automotive spectrum, now might be a good time to consider buying a BMW.The German car manufacturer is currently holding
Prepare to be electrified
A very conventional Audi-that's probably the first thing to note about the e-tron. This is an electric car that doesn't seek to blur boundaries or act radical, but simply persuade regular SUV buyers to make the jump. Audi
There’s a lot happening here
Usually, the press release for a brand-new car is a few thousand words long. Cars are big, complicated things, so explaining how they work normally requires many pages of many words.But the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is bigger and
Iron Man is quite the car guy
This is a 1974 BMW 3.0 CS modified by American performance tuners SpeedKore, for Mr. Robert Downey Jr. It is the first European car restored by the company, but the third it has undertaken for none other than Iron Man himself.
The best of BMW, in a BMW
This is a bit of simple math even Top Gear can do: four into eight. The M8 Gran Coupe BMW's 8-Series with 200mm added to the wheelbase and four doors, plus 'Competition' upgrades. If you're being picky, it's
It is now being tested on public roads
The Mercedes-Benz SL will soon become the Mercedes-AMG SL. That's right, AMG has been tasked with building one of Mercedes-Benz's most iconic cars, here undergoing "wide-ranging dynamic driving tests" in prototype form."The next generation of
A Panamera Turbo S variant is now available
Let us run you through the new model range for the facelifted Porsche Panamera. Deep breath: There's now the Panamera, the Panamera 4, the Panamera 4 Executive, the Panamera 4 Sport Turismo, the Panamera GTS, the Panamera GTS Sport Turismo, the
Looking for a luxury seven-seater?
Luxury car buyers on the hunt for a brand-new seven-seater are in luck, as Auto Nation Group (ANG)-Mercedes-Benz's official local distributor-has just launched the all-new GLB featuring a third row and two extra seats in
Some improvements don't feel like improvements
This is the heir to the throne. The next in the dynasty. No hot hatch has a greater heritage than this. A Volkswagen Golf GTI should be all things to all people: the quintessential do-it-all family car. So, no pressure
The world has gone mad for super SUVs
Right. Let's all agree here and now that the world doesn't need any more tuned Audi RSQ8s. This has to be the final one.This is ABT's second attempt at fettling Audi's flagship SUV after its first try
Truly one of our favorite 911s
You need to get up to speed. The previous 991-generation 911 Targa rescued the model from its previously iffy aesthetic by reintroducing the integrated roll hoop in the place of a traditional B-pillar, just as the world lost its mind
Look at that torque figure
Hmmmm. I suspect I'm actually in one of the least sorted versions of the facelifted E-Class. This one is spec'd with air suspension and the ride is a little stilted, as if the wheels are too heavy.Never mind.
We’re not speculating, nor are we joking
The new BMW M3 sedan will be fully unveiled next month, alongside the M4 coupe. Good times. In 2021, we'll see an M4 Convertible, and after that...an M3 Touring.We're not speculating, nor are we joking. "In Garching, near
Enough performance for your daily drive and then some
Time was, you'd need something like a Porsche 911 or a BMW M3 to get sub-5sec 0-100kph times. Now, you just need a 2.0-liter turbocharged small Audi, here revealed in S3 Sportback and S3 Sedan varieties.Both
No turbo plus GTS spec equals match made in heaven
This is a climb-down, a U-turn, a bit of an apology from Porsche, quite frankly. After four years of blindly insisting that the best possible engine for a 718 Cayman was a grunty turbocharged four-cylinder, the carmaker gave in
A bit expensive though
A BMW M2 C2 is a BMW M2 that's missing an armrest. Which is frankly a bit annoying. In a normal M2, you can cruise with your elbow on a leather shelf, under which your phone lies charging, safe and out
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