We should look out for each other
Here's some good news for the day. EV king Elon Musk has offered to cover the repair costs of a Tesla after its driver used the car to save a vehicle in distress on the Autobahn. The heroic motorist-who according
EU neighbors urged to do the same
If you live in Germany, chances are your internal-combustion-powered car could soon go the way of the dinosaur. In a bid to clean up the ill-effects of fossil-fuel emissions that have damaged the atmosphere and the climate, German
Why can't PH leaders do the same?
As the planet gets hotter due to global warming, programs that grant incentives to alternative-fuel vehicles are definitely welcome. Thailand has its Eco Car program that offers fuel-efficient cars at cheaper prices. Norway gives tax breaks, free parking and other
LTO, this is what good legislation is like
German-made diesels are considered to be among the cleanest in the world. The modern technology of these engines, coupled with stringent emissions standards, ensures this.According to a report by Bloomberg, however, this is not enough. The German government is set
Acquire the Chedeng of your dreams
For many car enthusiasts, purchasing a classic car is arguably one of the things on their bucket list. While a brand-new car would be less of a headache, there's just something about acquiring a steed that possesses a rich history.
In the heart of BMW country
Driving a brand-new car out of a dealer showroom is one of the best feelings in the world. The new-car smell, combined with the shimmer of the fresh paintwork, is simply priceless. So imagine how it feels to pick up
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