It's time to join the EV bandwagon
Hyundai Motor Group and Kia Motors Corporation have just announced a strategic new partnership with Grab that aims to accelerate electric vehicle (EV) awareness and infrastructure across Southeast Asia.The deal-which is on top of an existing one between Hyundai and
Now’s your chance to try out the service
Given the density of traffic these days, a lot of people would rather stay at home rather than plunge into Metro Manila gridlock to head to their favorite restaurant for a quick bite. Even the most gut-wrenching cravings are tested when
Would you ride an Italian tricycle?
Tricycles, as a form of public transportation, aren't exactly vehicles that convey a 'premium' vibe. More often than not, they're bare-boned, rickety three-wheelers that serve one single purpose: to allow commuters to travel short distances on a
For the island’s reopening
After its government-sanctioned rehabilitation, the island of Boracay is open to the public once again. Just in time for the reopening, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) turned over three PUV units to Grab Philippines for use on the island. The ceremony was
Planning to get into ride-hailing?
There's a reason the Toyota Vios is one of our country's most popular ride-hailing vehicles: It's just so damn reliable. And now, the subcompact sedan is about to further cement its place as one of the industry's
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