Have you found a soul mate yet?
The first trial day of the MMDA's EDSA driver-only rush hour ban is done, and most of you guys probably have differing experiences opinions regarding the matter.Some of you probably got up extra early just to avoid the ban,
Where do you stand?
In case you've been living under a rock, the MMDA has recently rolled out the dry run of its rush hour driver-only ban and expanded high-occupancy-vehicle (HOV) lane on EDSA-from Magallanes to North Avenue. Oh, and that
Everyone deserves a shot at work
Technology is really something. Uber Philippines is giving deaf Filipinos the chance to become partner-drivers with the help of a neat new feature on the app called "Beethoven", opening new doors for employment.The new feature is named after 17th century
For this month of August only
If only we could keep our cars in pristine condition forever. But from the moment we drive off the dealership's lot, little scratches, dents and nicks accumulate over time. And then one day, we look at our car and realize it
But will it go into production?
Over a month ago, Japanese luxury car manufacturer Lexus gave the world a first look at its sleek Hoverboard. Unfortunately, we didn't really get to see much of the board in the 37-second video outside of a few close-up
Watch the video to see for yourself
Movie geeks are aware that 2015 is the fictional year in which Back To The Future Part 2 was set. And because we're all in such retro spirits these days (is it a coincidence a Jurassic Park flick just hit theaters
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