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A Northern oddity with much to offer
Some post-TRAIN bargains
Last year, we put together a few lists of cars you can buy for X amount of pesos per month. But as you all know, thanks to the Tax Reform Package for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law, the market landscape in 2018
Which fared better in our test?
Haima's progress in terms of technology and quality since splitting from Mazda a few years back has been tremendous. Nowhere is this more evident than in the turbocharged S5.As Haima's first ground-up design, it veers away from the
How much is it?
Compared to other Chinese car manufacturers, Haima Automobile Philippines is playing the long game in its entry into the Philippine market. Concentrating its marketing and sales efforts up north in Pampanga and Baguio, it's slowly building up a small but loyal
All crossed up
There was a bit of a furor last year over a secondhand-car seller trying to pass off the Haima 2 as a Mazda 2, followed by notices of disavowment from both manufacturers. The confusion is easy to understand, as Haima once
She's a Haima 2 owner
While attending the launch of the Haima H1, we couldn't help but notice this pretty young thing mingling with the crowd. We still remember her as part of That's Entertainment, so that still counts. But seriously, seeing actress Isabel Granada
About associating themselves with Japanese car brand
The rise of the Chinese car industry has a lot to do with local car manufacturers partnering with established foreign carmakers--like that between Haima and Mazda, which stretched from 1992 to 2006. It's no wonder then that a number of
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