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Completing the refresh of Toyota's IMV lineup
It was bound to happen sooner or later. Six months after Toyota Motor Philippines updated the look of the current-generation Hilux and Fortuner, the Japanese carmaker is completing the face-lift of its Innovative International Multi-Purpose Vehicle (IMV) line by
Carmaker geared up for 10th triple crown award
Toyota Motor Philippines is on the road to bagging its 10th triple crown award as sales begin to normalize along with indicators that the car company will again end the year ahead of the competition.The Japanese carmaker said it sold a
And what about the Innova?
With the recent launch of the refreshed Toyota Fortuner and Hilux, Toyota Motor Philippines is optimistic about the sales of both nameplates as the Japanese carmaker strives to attain its 10th consecutive Triple Crown title."We might have lost a couple of
You asked for it
You've repeatedly asked for it, so Toyota Motor Philippines grants your wish as the Japanese carmaker is finally bringing to the market the refreshed Hilux and Fortuner. To be displayed at the Toyota Tent Event, which will be held on August
Coming to over 170 countries worldwide later this year
In production since 2005, the Hilux is given a much-needed facelift by Toyota Motor Corporation to keep it looking fresh amid the heavy competition in the pickup truck market.From the A pillar forwards, the Hilux gets a new bonnet, radiator
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Hi, Botchi! I am an ordinary housewife who secretly reads my son's Top Gear collection while he's in school. He's going to start his business soon, and my hubby and I would like to get him a car. We
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Hi, Botchi!I'm a third-year high school student. I'm a car fanatic and I'm also an avid reader of your magazine (I especially like your articles). I may seem a bit too young to be asking about the
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