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Which model's top-of-the-line variant has the most to offer?
Big discounts on some popular models
Looking to purchase a date car this Valentine's? Don't want Manong Grab Driver to hear your sweet nothings? If so, Honda Cars Philippines is holding a special promo this month. From February 14 to 17, the Japanese carmaker is offering
A new crossover joins the fray
This year is going to be a very interesting time for the local crossover market-the segment is absolutely loaded.There's the Forester, the CR-V, the CX-5, and now, the all-new Toyota RAV4. Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has
Is the seven-seat/diesel combo worth it?
In 2017, Honda Cars Philippines shook up the local crossover scene by bringing in the all-new CR-V. With muscular looks, a modern interior, and two new sure-fire ingredients for success in the Philippine market-the availability of a diesel
Short answer: a lot
The latest iteration of the Honda CR-V already had a ton going for it even before its Philippine launch.Not only did the Japanese carmaker's world-renowned crossover carry one of the segment's most recognized names, it was also
Do you agree with these results?
Congratulations to all the owners of the Honda CR-V-especially if you have kids. The Japanese crossover has been awarded the Best in Child Occupant Protection and Consistent 5-Star awards for 2018 by the ASEAN NCAP.The vehicle was recognized
Let’s consider the pros and cons
Good day, Top Gear!If there is anyone I'd trust to give me an unbiased review, it would be you. I hope you could help me and my family in selecting the perfect SUV. We are a family of five, plus
While stocks last
Want to snag yourself a unique ride? If so, you can get your chance now with one of these limited-edition Hondas. Honda Cars Philippines has just revealed new CR-V, Mobilio, and Civic variants.First up, the CR-V Touring Diesel
There are down payment promos and discounts as well
Traffic has gotten so bad, even during weekends, that we find it difficult to go to car dealerships anymore to look at new vehicles. We say this based on the regular sight of new car models being displayed in shopping malls, with
It still looks fantastic
Introduced in 2012, the fourth-generation CR-V followed the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" philosophy, retaining its predecessor's mechanical package and body, albeit with a roofline lowered for better aerodynamics. Front-wheel-drive variants with the
Crossover or SUV?
Hello, Botchi! I need your advice. My family and I will buy a car in a year or two from now, but I'm already doing some research. We are just a family of three, and I stand at six feet. I
Hi, Top Gear PH. I'm a big fan, and I check your website daily for auto-related updates. Anyway, I'm writing to seek for advice on which car to buy for our family. This is our first time to buy
Ride height is crucial
Dear Top Gear,My parents-due to age and health-now have a harder time getting in and out of a vehicle. Our sedan requires more lifting (from the knees) when alighting, while our SUV requires more climbing (with the arms) when
Comfort and economy personified
What do you look for in a compact SUV? If you're after sporty performance and head-turning looks, then you're probably looking in the wrong segment (but feel free to disagree with us). The Honda CR-V, for example, has
All in the name of fun
Thank God April 1 is over and done with so we can go back to believing people once again. Okay, fine, we'll admit-we thoroughly enjoyed that little prank we pulled a few days ago. There's a bit of juvenile
It may be the most affordable CR-V, but this is no base model
Diesel, seven-seater, high ground clearance. It's hard to believe this Honda CR-V is the same compact runabout we adored during our '90s college days. That was when the first CR-V arrived, and it was perfect for (well-off)
An icon in the making
Consider us bold for saying this, but we reckon that the Honda CR-V is on its way to becoming a Filipino icon. Yes, it's Japanese, but by icon we mean an automobile that's loved and cherished by Pinoys for
We're impressed with the diesel powerplant
The all-new CR-V represents Honda's desire to provide the Philippine market with an alternative to hulking, truck-based diesel SUVs. We were invited by Honda Cars Philippines to get to know the new car via a two-day ride
Turbodiesel or turbo gasoline?
Compact crossovers are the mainstream choice of middle- and upper-class buyers looking for a versatile everyday vehicle with tall ride height, a commanding driving position, copious amounts of cabin and cargo space, and far better road manners and refinement than pickup-
The fifth generation has matured
Yes, yes, we know: The Honda CR-V is a Japanese car. That's beside the point. The way we see it, a foreign car can certainly become a local icon if it's loved and cherished by Filipinos over a long
Truck and Motorcycle of the Year, too
The Car Awards Group, Incorporated (CAGI) recently revealed the winners of the Car of the Year, Truck of the Year and Motorcycle of the Year Philippines.Yes, you heard right. CAGI has launched its pilot Motorcycle of the Year competition this year.
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