The CR-V plugs in to the future
We're looking forward to the next-generation Honda CR-V landing here someday. With the prospect of that 1.5-liter turbo and the possibility of a hybrid, the sixth-generation CR-V is a bold new step for Honda's
A look at the sixth-gen compact SUV
The all-new sixth generation Honda CR-V recently made its ASEAN debut at the 2023 Bangkok International Motor Show. The Japanese carmaker has given its popular compact SUV a larger body and a more mature design.For this comparison, we'll
We have three guesses
The last hybrid-powered vehicle Honda launched in the Philippines was the flagship Legend sedan. It was discontinued a couple of years ago, and the brand hasn't offered an electrified model since. But this year, that's about to change.OTHER
For those who want a ‘sportier’ CR-V
Like you, we're pretty hyped up about that all-new Honda CR-V landing in Southeast Asia. It may not be a low-slung supercar or anything remotely sporty, but the reason why we're amped up about it is because
It's as close as we get to the local spec
Months after its global premiere in the US, the sixth-generation Honda CR-V is finally (and officially) in Southeast Asia. It made its regional debut at the 2023 Bangkok International Motor Show, and we all know what that means. It will
The local model might have similar specs
It's been months since Honda premiered the all-new CR-V, and we've been waiting for it to land here ever since. But it seems that the wait might not be much longer because the popular crossover has just premiered
No, it doesn’t get the Type R engine
Let's play a bit of word association, shall we? What are some adjectives that pop up in your head when someone says 'Honda CR-V'? Surely, you must've thought of safe, practical, reliable, or even sensible. Those are all
Reports have come out that Thailand will be getting this powertrain
It's been a while since Honda fully unveiled the all-new CR-V. It's been quite the wait, we know, but it looks like the next-gen model's finally making its way to our region.According to a report
Who says hybrids can’t be fun?
We have to admit, this isn't something we expected.Honda has announced that it is building a new race car using its hybrid technology. What model will it be based on? No, not the Civic. Not the HR-V, either. The
Some of these are pretty steep
Planning to buy a Honda soon? Well, this news is going to sting-particularly if you've already made your mind up on driving home a brand-new HR-V.Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) has made some significant changes to its local
Here are solid secondhand cars with strong resale value
When it comes to resale value, most folks will mention Toyota as an automaker that generally resists depreciation. We won't blame them for that, especially given the brand's reputation for reliability and dependability. But that doesn't mean Toyota is
The all-new Ford Territory has also landed in Mexico with a 1.8-liter EcoBoost
Spotted in Thailand
Recently, the all-new Honda BR-V was one of the stars of the 2022 Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS). Its presence was more than just a tease, too, as the Japanese carmaker has confirmed that the subcompact SUV will be available
Hyundai has also unveiled its Avanza- and Xpander-fighting MPV, the Stargazer
It might be wise to hold off and wait for this
Honda's crossover game has been on point as of late. There's the all-new HR-V that was just launched a few months ago, and we're looking forward to seeing the all-new BR-V make its local debut
The diesel Honda CR-V offers great economy, but is the gas model still worth it?
Since its introduction in the mid-'90s, the CR-V has been one of the best-sellers from Honda. It's not just in the Philippines, either, as the crossover has surpassed annual Civic sales in other countries. Crazy, isn&#
Like what you see?
Little by little, we're starting to get a full view of the all-new Honda CR-V. After putting out snippets of the exterior, the Japanese carmaker has now released the first official image of the SUV's interior.Looks familiar,
Own any of these vehicles?
Not many car manufacturers have struck the fine balance between mass-market practicality and enthusiast sensibilities as well as Honda has. The formula isn't just for moving cars inside dealerships, but for selling units in a thriving used car market as
We’re already waiting for this launch
Are we jumping the gun here? Perhaps. But we think we can all agree that speculation is more than half of the fun when it comes to looking forward to upcoming launches.Today we have the all-new Honda CR-V. Officially
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