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An underrated gem
It's almost sad that with the signing of the tax reform law, along with friendlier tariffs for EVs and hybrids, the Honda CR-Z is no longer on sale. Had this law, or something like it, been signed 24 months earlier,
Small engines, big performance
Gran Turismo is used loosely to refer to just about anything designed to cover distances rapidly. Modern GTs are lighter, more fuel-efficient, and more innovative, but nowhere near as stylish as their predecessors. Still, with smaller engines providing double the efficiency,
A fun and sporty Japanese hybrid
Back in the '80s and '90s, Honda had the CR-X; a fun little runabout that promised lots of fun behind the wheel without breaking the bank. Decades later, the Japanese carmaker revisited the same formula but gave it a dash of
The writing is on the wall
Honda Cars Philippines' marketing department must be working overtime. We had just uploaded our story about the new Civic Modulo variants when a new e-mail arrived in our inbox. However, this was a bittersweet press statement.HCPI has officially announced the
It just lifts up the spirit
Are there days when you ask yourself if you're happy? When we look around our world, it's not sunshine and daisies that greet us. We escape to a foreign country to relax, and we're greeted by gridlock when we
Here are the new prices
The hybrid Honda CR-Z is one of the most underappreciated cars on sale today. It's stylish and athletic, and it's how a Honda should feel like behind the wheel. Sadly, because of our uncooperative tax system, the CR-Z
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