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The 10th generation of this Japanese icon received a refresh for 2019
Available in coupe and sedan body styles
We saw the arrival of a refreshed version of the 10th-generation Honda Civic earlier this year, and Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) also introduced a new variant along with it. Unfortunately, the Civic hatch wasn't it.We're still keeping our
A passenger’s first impressions this time
We recently went on a trip up north with Honda Cars Philippines to put the all-new Brio to the test. I wasn't part of the driver rotations for that model, but I was in for a pleasant surprise: I was
All the car you could ask for
Once upon a time, I had a housemate who owned a Mazda 6 MPS. If you're not familiar with the acronym, it stood for the Mazda Performance Series line of cars back in the day. My friend's 6
Same performance, more convenience
Last month, the current-generation Honda Civic 1.8E CVT received a minor upgrade courtesy of a pair of additional convenience features. Now, it looks like the sedan's higher-end RS Turbo variant will be getting the same goods.Honda Cars
That spoiler though
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. It shouldn't take much to convince you that the Honda Civic RS Turbo ticks all the right boxes. The car did bag Car
The return of the king
There was a time when a Honda Civic was the "gotta have" car of the youthful market. As someone who's driven practically all model years and variants of every Civic that ever made it here, two made a lasting impression: the
Playing with 171hp was fun
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. No doubt you're seeing a few 2016 Honda Civics on the road by now, and you might be wondering, are they good? Are
Honda reveals trunkless Civic
Back in March, we ran a story on the hatchback variant of the tenth-generation Honda Civic. At the time, all we had to work with were a couple of conceptual, render-like images. Cool stuff, but it could hardly be considered
Modern versus classic
Based on your enthusiastic reception every time we post a Honda Civic story these days, it's obvious that there's a fair amount of anticipation for this compact. And that's not surprising because of its hot looks and turbocharged VTEC
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