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That's pretty steep
Fancy owning a pristine Honda Civic SiR equipped with Mugen accessories? If yes, you'll be happy to know that there's one such example floating around, for sale, on social media.Asking yourself why, considering the vehicle's immense popularity,
Meet the Mugen RC20GT
Opinions on the styling of the Honda Civic Type R vary wildly, but we'd wager very few of them bemoan its timidity. It is, without much question, a punchy-looking thing.Not if you work at Mugen, though. Honda's tuning
Mod it and make it your own
The Honda Civic is a favorite among local tuners and enthusiasts. We have encountered many project cars through the years. Here are three stand-outs and the stories behind them.Driving with very low ride height in Metro Manila can be a
Let’s talk turbo
The Honda Civic is the poster child for '90s compact-car tuning and performance. While Honda eschews its naturally aspirated, high-revving wizardry in favor of a small-capacity turbocharged engine, the all-new Civic RS Turbo still captures the spirit and
From quick fling to longtime partner
One of our writers once likened the Honda City to a girl who is 'first- girlfriend material'-or a girl who is okay for the time being until someone better comes along. I reprimanded him for his chauvinism, but what he'd
If you've been eyeing a brand-new Honda for the family this Christmas, then you're in luck. From November 15 to 18, 2018, Honda Cars Philippines is offering several of the biggest names in its lineup for up to P65,
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