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By posting an open letter on Facebook
Most of us form a very special and intimate bond with our car via happy, memorable motoring activities. The first time we fetched the love of our life, for instance. That epic drive up to Baguio. The time we rushed the wife
Honorable executives
When it comes to honor, the Japanese are really the best examples of this trait. With the Honda Fit (Jazz in the Philippines) Hybrid being recalled for the fifth time in a year, Honda Motor Company bosses led by chief executive Takanobu
Celebrating the small hatchback
Last April 12, Honda Cars Greenhills put together a mini car show featuring the cute Jazz hatchback, in cooperation with the Fit Pilipinas car club. Some 30 modified units of the first- and second-generation Jazz models showed up, several of the
Open to the public
Tomorrow, April 12, from 10am to 4pm, Honda Cars Greenhills will hold a mini Jazz car show at its showroom. The event will feature about 40 units owned by members of Fit Pilipinas, which will vie for such awards as "Best in
Yes, that's Kikuo Ibe himself
I started collecting Casio G-Shocks nearly three years ago, in 2011, after realizing that the previous watch brand I had been purchasing would drive me to abject poverty. You can see the very first G-Shock I bought on my right
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