There are a lot of options out there
Hi Top Gear Philippines,I need advice. Which manual MPV should I buy?AnonymousGood day!You never mentioned what your budget is so I'll give you a broad spectrum of cars to choose from.The first obvious choice is the Honda
Sub-P1 million rides that parents will love
Parenthood is one of those pivotal 'adulting' milestones that comes with a lot of baggage. Literal baggage. Diapers, clothes, cleaning supplies, toys and strollers take up a lot of in-car real estate.  With new laws mandating the use of car seats 
Competition is heating up
To say that the Honda Mobilio--one of the more popular MPV offerings in the Philippines--is going to have its work cut out for it this year might be an understatement. Because aside from usual suspects like the Toyota Avanza and
New face, same functionality
Honda's push into the budget segment via its Indian-market Brio platform hasn't always gone smoothly. Its hatchback and sedan variants managed to snag some sales, but they didn't exactly set the market on fire. However the Mobilio, a
We took them up to Baguio to find out
In the early 2000s, I distinctly remember the series of advertisements released by Petron for its Extra Mile Challenge. In them, you'd see journalists and racers drive the first-generation Honda Jazz from Manila on one tank of gas just to
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