It's armed with new safety tech
Along with a new HR-V (which also broke cover in Thailand last week), Honda North America has revealed the refreshed Pilot. The 2019 Pilot features a more aggressive exterior look, but the main upgrades are within its circuitry. There is now
Get your unit checked now
Last December, Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) issued a recall for nearly 200,000 units over a possible airbag issue. Now, it's announced another recall for a further 10,461 units for a similar problem. Safety is clearly a top priority for
Which is the better family hauler?
The Explorer Sport doesn't drive so much as swagger. Even before you see it, you can almost sense the big Ford roll up beside you at a stoplight. Such is its presence. And while it looked sleek enough when it launched,
Including the BR-V
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Honda has been spawning many new 'R-V' vehicles lately, with the BR-V as the newest kid in our market. The local distributor
Honda asks us to try out its new SUVs
Once upon a time, Honda built cheap motorcycles powered by surplus wartime generators. When it ran out of cheap surplus engines, the company started building its own, which turned out to be good. These mills were so good, in fact, that Honda
It's wonderfully sublime
Truth be told, Metro Manila is a horrible place to conduct a test drive. You spend an interminable amount of time in traffic; the speed guns curtail any happiness beyond 100kph on the expressways; and too many people are texting, Viber-ing,
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