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If this doesn't convince the world to buy EVs, nothing will
Honda, we salute you. Despite a crushing weight of expectation, you've managed to turn the coolest concept car of the last few years-the 2017 Urban EV-into an almost-production model that retains a flavor of the concept's retro-
Did you notice these things, too?
First things first: Here's the front of the finished 'prototype.' It's got a different facial expression to the concept car-less grumpy, more cutesy. We'll not dwell too much on that, but do note the very prominent hood-mounted
It’s looking very production-ready
Honda has already confirmed we'll see a near-production version of its cute Urban EV in a matter of weeks. And now we've been allowed a better look.The big news in Honda's eyes is our first glimpse of
New prototype previews a cute, affordable electric city car
Just weeks into 2019, news headlines are already full of nasty mud-slinging. Even the weather goes dark and dreary at times. You'd be forgiven for having a fairly murky outlook on life right now.Enter Honda's little ray of
Make it happen, please
This is Honda's Urban EV Concept. And we'll start with the good news that a version of this will appear in 2019. It's based on an all-new platform that should underpin other electric Hondas. The compact proportions mean
It's smaller than the Jazz
Isn't it the cutest? It's Honda's electric car concept, and a production version will be with us in 2019. While other carmakers go for a cloyingly futuristic look for their EVs, Honda has gone unexpectedly retro. With great effect,
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