The award-winning racer figured in a snowmobile accident
Sad news today, folks. Ken Block-award-winning racer and absolute adrenaline junkie-has passed away.Hoonigan Industries confirmed the news on Instagram. The 55-year-old former Gymkhana star reportedly died in a snowmobile accident. "Ken was a visionary, a pioneer
Time to watch some automotive acrobatics
Welcome to The Adventures of The Family Huckster. Or perhaps they should be misadventures, considering the audacity of throwing a modified block of Eighties Japanese wagon through the air at 265kph.Travis Pastrana has delivered, quite literally, his ode to sideways heroics
We’ll never get tired of watching these
Ken Block has unleashed the latest salvo in his long-running war of attrition upon the world's tire companies, perhaps more commonly known as 'Gymkhana.' Though in this case, it's called 'Electrikhana' because it features a bespoke Audi fueled by
An impressive build
Quite a few electric conversions have been featured on the Top Gear Philippines website over the years. This one, though, has to be among our favorites.This incredibly clean 2007 Honda S2000 build you see before you actually runs on electricity. Everything
Best video game ride of all time?
The real-life Halo Warthog at the Free Guy premiere a couple of weeks ago is easily one of our favorite builds of 2021 so far. Not just because the vehicle is an actual functioning 1,000hp beast, but also because, well,
Chances are you recognize it
Man, Ken Block's garage has been quite the marketplace since his exclusive partnership with Ford ended earlier this year.Since his deal with the American carmaker ended, the YouTube drift king has sold a handful of his most famous Fords-namely,
The rally driver and Ford are parting ways after 11 years
After 11 years of Gymkhanas, countless drifts, burnt tires, and several race wins and podium finishes, Ken Block and Ford are parting ways. Kind of.End of an era? Not really, because Block isn't retiring. His exclusive partnership with Ford Motor a cost
Ken Block has found a pretty neat way to keep busy since turning over Gymkhana duties to fellow tire shredder Travis Pastrana: Taking on anything and everything behind the wheel of the legendary Hoonicorn V2.Since Hoonigan started its Hoonicorn vs. the
Watching this will surely wake you up in the morning
A man has driven up a really long, high and winding road in China using a pickup truck. Ordinarily, this is an experience already laced with danger and jeopardy.This is no ordinary. Replace all the component parts of that first sentence
Plus electric motors
If Lego's own Ford Mustang kit looks a bit...plain, why not have a crack at this one? Yep, it's a pretty faithful recreation of Ken Block's 'Hoonicorn' Mustang-star of Gymkhanas Seven and Ten, plus Top Gear TV-
A Honda pickup channeling its inner Ken Block
We're told that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so Ken Block should be mighty flattered at the car above. It's the work of a bloke called Alex Saint, who has taken a look at Kenny B's 900hp
The chief tire slayer will be drifting a slammed pickup in Gymkhana Ten
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we give you The Hoonitruck.It's Ken Block's latest company car, one that will play the lead role in the upcoming 10th installment of his iconic Gymkhana series, handily dubbed, um, 'Gymkhana Ten.'Wanting
A modern take on a classic vehicle
Electric-powered AE 86 drift car. Now, now, we know what you're thinking: "An all-electric Toyota AE 86?! Blasphemy!" But give this thing a chance, or, you know, wait until the video hits the 12-minute mark. You'll be
Painful to watch?
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.800hp Nissan GT-R attempts burnout. If you follow its YouTube page, you'll know the Hoonigans garage has been searching for a female
Lesson: don't park like a d***
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.A pair of Jeeps teach a rude parker a lesson. We've all come across that one dude in the parking lot. You know,
Car goals
1) Ford Fiesta ST RX43The star of Gymkhana 5 was a 600hp Fiesta developed for KB's assault on the 2013 Global Rallycross Championship, and capable of 0-96kph in under two seconds. Just as well--its course involved outmaneuvering a giant
Watch him drift a Ford Focus RS
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Ken Block is back! And the Internet's chief tire slayer has returned to doing what he does
Watch video and see photographs
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Rallycross is the premier motorsport for the Internet generation, thanks to frenzied Vine-worthy races, plenty of crashes and lots of flames.To this
Featuring exotic supercars, of course
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Just like that and we're already on the eighth installment of Ken Block's Gymkhana video series. And this time, the popular drift
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