The in-game custom track builder has us excited
Attention, gamers: A new Hot Wheels video game is set to drop later this year. We know a lot of you are bummed that Gran Turismo 7 won't be available until 2022, so hopefully, this'll help raise your spirits to
Have you done your holiday shopping yet?
No one's ever too old for toys. It doesn't matter whether you're 10 or 60-there's always room in people's hearts' for excitedly running towards the Christmas tree and violently unwrapping presents during the holiday season.Below
For many among us, our obsession with wheeled things began here
A British icon, Dinky Toys was the miniature-car division of Frank Hornby's Meccano empire. Introduced in 1934, the pre-World War II cars are now especially rare, due to most of them being made out of a dodgy zamac-zinc
The set consists of a 1:64 scale replica of IWC Racing’s 300SL Gullwing
This is what you get when a watchmaker and a toymaker-both legends in their respective fields-come together to work on a one-of-a-kind project: a Hot Wheels IWC Racing Team Transport set.These diecast models are the result
You can even go all out and add in a nitrous system
Diecast toy cars are fun to collect, but the downside is they aren't necessarily customizable. Hot Wheels models are good examples of cool pieces that you can't really tinker with, save for giving them a new paint job. But given
A standard 1:64 version, and a limited-edition 1:10 model
Remember Lego's version of the Tesla Cybertruck? That was a joke, of course, but these upcoming releases from Hot Wheels are most definitely not. The toy manufacturer has come up with two radio-controlled models of Tesla's electric pickup, and
Is it time for 400cc rule for two-wheelers on local expressways be reconsidered?
Okay, so this isn't quite applicable to us given that sub-400cc motorcycles are banned from entering local expressways, but this highway test of the Yamaha YZF-R3-a sport bike powered by a 321cc engine-does beg the question of
What we’d give to play with a track like this
This, ladies and gentlemen, is the world's longest Hot Wheels track. If you're familiar with how absurd some Guinness World Records can get, you shouldn't be surprised that this here is a thing. Not that this particular record is
One of the coolest jobs in the world
We got an invite from Richprime Global Inc.-the distributors of Barbie, Hot Wheels, and Fisher Price-to join Hot Wheels's design manager Dmitriy Shakhmatov for dinner. The Hot Wheels brand is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year, so this was
Exploding turtle shells sold separately. Hopefully
For those who grew up during the time when owning a Nintendo console made you the coolest kid in your neighborhood, Mario Kart was a game that created and ended friendships in equal measure. It wasn't your conventional racing game, nor
It'll have quite a display
Looking for a car-centric way to spend the day with your kids? Hot Wheels Philippines is inviting motorheads to its first Epic Stunt Event of 2017 from April 21 (this Friday) to 30 at SM North The Block.The event is
And see the Japanese do miraculous roadwork
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.This is what a million-dollar Hot Wheels collection looks like. Bruce Pascal loves Hot Wheels. So much so that he's collected well
From 8-bit to four wheels
American toymaker Mattel recently gave both gamers and car nuts a treat, after the company revealed it had partnered with Japanese video game giant Nintendo to produce a new collection of Mario-inspired cars for the Hot Wheels toy line. Sweet.The
To be released as a 1:64 scale model
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Hot Wheels has been churning out toy versions of movie and television cars for as long as we can remember. Some notable examples include
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Jay Leno's Garage (@LenosGarage)POWERFUL. STRONG. MENACING. #JLG #StarWars Abrera (@paoloabrera)Premium point-to-point bus service is a winner! ðŸ'ðŸ½ P55 sm north to glorietta. On time, guatanteed seats...we need more of
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Toyota Europe (@toyota_europe)#Santa can't waste time bumping into things! Will the Panoramic View Monitor win him over?#RAV4Hybrid South Africa (@MINISouthAfrica)Four times Dakar Rally winner. Let's make it five in 2016. #WHATEVERITTAKES #DAKAR2016 pic.
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Ferrari USA (@FerrariUSA)Check out our friend @RobertDowneyJr enjoying the #CaliforniaT. Magnussen (@KevinMagnussen)Good day raising money for charity at the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix in a Mclaren 650s. The track is pretty cool!
Sets new world record
We're pretty sure quite a lot of you out there played with your favorite toy cars for hours on end when you were kids. And one way that you had fun was to let your cars go around a makeshift track.
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Kia Philippines (@KiaPhilippines)Introducing the members of Team Junior Kia Sorento, who'll be playing in the Batang PBA tournament this summer! Wi... Motor Corp. (@ToyotaMotorCorp)The #Toyota i-Road weaving like a boss at a test drive
See what we gave him
The boy you see here is Chester Pasumbal, a nine-year-old kid whose photo recently became viral online. Last December 26, we posted a photo on our Facebook page, showing a boy at the back of a dilapidated jeepney pulling a
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