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The spec list keeps evolving
A car's specifications are an indication of what the market wants, but in the case of the Hyundai Accent, it may well have addressed certain needs. Here's a rundown of the Accent's spec sheet through the years, including Top
It has always been a value-for-money proposition
Ever since its introduction, the Hyundai Accent has always been a value-for-money proposition. Its price has always been competitive. Here are the observations of the Top Gear PH staff through the years, in relation to the Accent's pricing. 
The story of the Hyundai Accent in the country, as told by Top Gear PH
The Hyundai Accent was first introduced in several offshore markets close to two decades ago as a replacement of the Excel. It was met with mixed reactions. The first generation, despite receiving a relatively low Euro NCAP rating, was also rated as
Here's why the hatchback resonates with car buyers
The Hyundai Accent subcompact hatchback  has legions of fans. Before we talk about the reasons why, let's see what Top Gear PH has said about this body type and variant through the years.March 2013May 2013 April 2014August 2017The VerdictLet'
Don't go overboard
Hi, Sir Botchi! I currently own a 2017 Hyundai Accent E with a gasoline engine. I'm planning to do some upgrades to add power to it. What would you suggest that I do with it?Thanks!Baxx Baxx,I've never
A subcompact shootout
In a past Spec-sheet brawl, we compared the new Volkswagen Santana to its fiercest rival: the best-selling Toyota Vios. For this fight, we're once again comparing the Santana to its other segment competitors. It may be the era of
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