The new Santro surfaces in India
Is Hyundai's Eon hatchback about to be replaced? We're speculating, of course. And we'll get to answering that later. For now, check out the all-new Santro.This reveal signals the Santro's return after the first generation stopped
Proper tuning may be in order
Hi, Ferman.I read your reply to a query about engine backfire, and I would like to ask for your expert advice on how to fix this for my car. I drive a Hyundai Eon and to answer one of your questions
Buy a car, win a car
Hyundai Asia Resources Inc., Hyundai's official Philippine commercial and passenger vehicle distributor, is celebrating 16 strong years in the country via sweet deals and flexible payment schemes on a handful of vehicles in its lineup.The Hyundai "Thrivin' and Drivin' at
And these are mostly good vehicles
Buying a brand-new car is no easy task. Forking over the down payment and committing to a monthly installment for a few years is a big step, and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. Luckily, getting a car is actually
These cars create local jobs
Today marks the day of our independence. Well, nowadays, it does, because it used to be July 4. But before that it was June 12, or maybe April 12, depending on whether you start counting independence from the time we proclaimed it
More cars, more jobs
Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. (HARI), the Korean carmaker's official Philippine distributor, recently launched a new assembly center in Santa Rosa, Laguna, aimed at boosting production, creating jobs, and promoting skill enhancement.Located inside the Laguna Technopark, the facility employs over a
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