It'll be street-ready next year
If there was any doubt about how seriously Hyundai is taking its new 'N' performance sub-brand, there isn't now. This is the utterly mad RN30 concept, a steroidal preview of an i30N production car already confirmed for next year. Judging
At Hyundai's R&D center in Germany
Imagine you're vice president of engineering at BMW's M Division. Well done! One day, Hyundai comes calling and offers you a job that creates a new line of hot hatches. You'd have to be fairly confident you'd get
What you can expect in the near future
Hyundai isn't exactly top-of-mind when it comes to high-performance motoring. It has the Veloster and the Genesis Coupe, but these are more funky than sporty in their demeanor. All this is set to change, however, with the arrival
A high-performance division
Branding is everything. In order to catch a buyer's attention, businesses need to have an edge over the next guy. And this seems to be the thinking behind a new sub-brand that Hyundai Motor Company is set to unveil soon.
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