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Hi, Botchi. My husband and I are currently in search of an affordable family car because we are expecting our second baby soon. We do not know much about automobiles. Is there a sub-P1 million vehicle you can recommend?We are
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For the students out there, Hyundai Philippines is giving you a new avenue to express your creative juices and give honor to your school at the same time.Using a Hyundai i20 Cross Sport as a canvas, students from Ateneo de Manila
A high-performance division
Branding is everything. In order to catch a buyer's attention, businesses need to have an edge over the next guy. And this seems to be the thinking behind a new sub-brand that Hyundai Motor Company is set to unveil soon.
Watch as we get first dibs
Hyundai's latest addition to the crossover line definitely lives up to its potential. The i20 Cross Sport is a well-balanced combination of premium features and a durable build, perfect for the active lifestyle of an urban adventurer.The interior, previously
Not bad for a crossover
It seems as if crossover vehicles are here to stay, at least for the foreseeable automotive future. One of the latest to join the segment is the Hyundai i20 Cross Sport, unveiled locally last week with the all-new Tucson.If you
For those who want more versatility
The small crossover segment is really heating up. After Ford's great success with the EcoSport last year, other manufacturers are starting to take a keen interest in the budget crossover segment. Seemingly first to the punch will be Hyundai, with the
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