Ride a McLaren, an RWB Porsche or a Jag
This was the team of very knowledgeable car enthusiasts that won our first-ever quiz night held in Bonifacio High Street during the recent "Wheels & Grills" Father's Day weekend event. Now, how is this related to this story?Well, the guy
No need to fear reading their comments
So it's official: Car Porn Racing founder Ian King is now Angelina Mead King. Yep, our favorite car guy is now a car girl. He is now a she.When we first asked Ian (she told us she responds to her
Still the same awesome person we know
The person you see above is Car Porn Racing founder Ian King, an automotive enthusiast whose cars have been making us drool for years. He has officially come out as Angelina Mead King through an Instagram account that is surely now getting
The true meaning of car porn
If the Brits have the Gumball 3000, the Americans have the GoldRush Rally. Like its counterpart in the UK, the US event is an interstate motor rally that spans several days and features eye-popping automobiles. This rolling showcase of ridiculously expensive
Star of the 2015 Manila Auto Salon
As you know, the 2015 Manila Auto Salon is happening this weekend. Needless to say, there are cars and booth babes to see. But we want to inform you now that if you could lay your eyes on just one thing inside
Want to produce an Aston Martin replica?
You see that sick two-door coupe on display over there? That's going to set you back a couple of million bucks. You're not just paying for the car per se--you're also shelling out for distribution, taxes, marketing,
Read and share her inspirational story
The true measure of a life well lived, if you ask us, is not when you're having fun, but rather when you manage to courageously soldier on in spite of a major setback. Like a debilitating disease, for instance. Many people
Here they are gathered in one place
Time really flies. Especially if you own an RWB Porsche sports car.A year and a half ago, we first announced the arrival of RAUH-Welt Begriff in the Philippines via Ian King's Car Porn Racing auto modification outfit. RWB is
Better than those discount cards
It helps that the owner of the Victoria Court motel chain is a car guy. Ian King has just announced on his Facebook page that Victoria Court is now issuing car stickers to its clientele. "Just drive and check in at any
Led by a certain RWB Porsche named Victoria
Have you ever seen those extremely lowered cars whose tires are almost touching the wheel wells? They\'re called stanced cars, and there\'s actually a group of car enthusiasts in the country--Stance Pilipinas--who love setting up their rides in
Check out the photos
Remember that jaw-dropping Rocket Bunny 86 that won \"Best of Show\" honors at this year\'s Trans Sport Show? You would think that the modifications done to it were more than enough to please its owner. Apparently not.We just got
A legend in the Japanese tuning world
If you have access to the Internet and love cars, then chances are you've seen Akira Nakai's creations. If not, Google "RWB Porsche" right now and get yourself up to speed.For some time now, Akira Nakai has been a
It's social media to the rescue!
With the torrential downpour a common occurrence these days, we're sharing some tips provided by our friends in the motoring industry on various rain- and flood-related measures that you can do to protect yourself and your car.* According to Concept
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