To be unveiled at Auto Expo 2020 in India
Add this to the ever-growing list of electric vehicle concepts coming out from Japanese car brands: Suzuki has announced it will be unveiling its own EV crossover called the Futuro-e at the 2020 Auto Expo in India.The Futuro-e,
Is that output enough though?
A tiny 1.0-liter engine with a meager 67hp and 90Nm of torque isn't normally something you'd associate with an 'SUV,' yet here we are looking at that exact pairing in the form of the Suzuki S-Presso-another
And another model received four stars
Yes, you read that right. Indian cars may not have the most stellar reputation in our country, but an Indian-made model has just earned itself a five-star safety rating from the Global New Car Assessment Program (Global NCAP).The Tata
Did the carmaker succeed?
What the market wants, the market gets. And in the case of India, it's even more crossovers. Or at least that's what Kia will have consumers believe, by highlighting its new SP Concept to mark the brand's entry into
Meet the DC Avanti
What's this then?This, my friends, is the first mid-engined supercar designed, engineered and built in India, for Indians. It's called the DC Avanti and is the work of Dilip Chhabria-designer and founder of DC Design-a company
We imagine it'll be a hit here
Ford India plans to grow its market share by expanding its small vehicle lineup, and what better way to do this than to add a trendy high-riding model below the popular EcoSport. Its latest baby is a new crossover based on
There are countries where traffic is worse
By the time you're reading this, I should be back home--a place where I've dreaded returning to after spending close to a year reading horror stories about traffic, floods and criminals on Facebook. I've prayed hard for another
Displayed at 2016 Auto Expo in New Delhi
Next-generation car buyers want versatile vehicles that can do pretty much everything. Just like their favorite gadget, their ride must also be customizable--being a daily commuter on weekdays and transforming into a weekend warrior when Friday comes around. Sound crazy?
Proudly Indian-made
The subcompact crossover segment is one of the fastest-growing segments globally. One popular example is the Ford EcoSport, which is selling like hotcakes in its primary markets, particularly in India and the Philippines. In fact, the segment is so popular that
Including PNP's vehicle of choice
We already knew that Mahindra was supplying our Philippine National Police with 1,470 units of the Enforcer SUV, but we didn't know what the Indian carmaker's plans were for the civilian market. Until last night, that is.In a
Which vehicle should represent PH?
If you've been to another Asian country lately and wondered why your Facebook and Instagram posts were so painless while you were there, wonder no more: It's because the Internet speed there is way faster than the pathetic connectivity rate
Are you ready for some Indian Chevys?
General Motors' restructuring saga in Asia-Pacific is not yet over. If you remember, it has announced some changes as part of its restructuring in the region. Its first announcement was the shutdown of its Australian plant, which manufactured large Holden models.
Company executive slams accusations
Even before Mahindra could turn over the first batch of Enforcer patrol units for Philippine National Police's use, critics rushed to conclusions and hurled accusations of corruption against the Indian carmaker. That the allocated budget for said patrol vehicles was P1.
Check out the official livery
As we've already reported, Indian commercial vehicle manufacturer Mahindra has secured the supplier contract for the Philippine National Police's patrol fleet. Today, CAC Mahindra--the official name of the carmaker's local distributor--showed off the new PNP vehicle, which
Meet the brand's latest entry-level car
Even before the boom of low-cost cars in Southeast Asia, this segment has been one of the biggest and probably one of the most important in India. Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai Motor India, which also export cars to our country, are
Mahindra wins early bid for 560 units
The Philippine National Police is purchasing a lot of vehicles this year so that our valiant cops can serve us better. The total number of said vehicles apparently includes 560 units already awarded to a supplier earlier this year, and another 1,
Hopefully within the year
Mahindra, an Indian automobile company, is coming to the Philippines soon. Talks about this development have been circulating around the industry for a while now, but it was only today that a key executive involved in the project spoke about it openly
See the exterior design
Honda Motor Company, via Honda Cars India, has quietly revealed the all-new City in India. For the first time, the subcompact sedan--now in its fourth generation--will be offered with a diesel engine when it goes on sale in January
With a full range of passenger cars
With the Philippine economy expected to continue being rosy in the next several years, it's no wonder car companies want to establish some presence in our market. Just this year alone, the likes of Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Volkswagen formally opened
You won't believe how much more durable
Last night, we formally met the new president of Honda Cars Philippines, Tatsuya Natsume, whose previous assignment before coming to Manila was as Honda's marketing director in India. During our conversation with him, we just had to ask the obvious question: "
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