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Indian and Tank Machine have come up with three bold and colorful liveries
The Scout Sixty is perhaps the most beginner-friendly among Indian's big-bore V-twin bikes. Its 1,000cc liquid-cooled engine puts down a healthy but manageable 78hp and 88Nm of torque. This bobber-style motorcycle is made even more
This bike will likely get the Africa Twin’s 1,082cc power plant
With or without the COVID-19 pandemic, life goes on for the global motorcycle industry. In fact, instead of busying themselves separating fact from fiction regarding the global health crisis, the motorcycle media are tuning into rumors about upcoming two-wheeled products.
It boasts three riding modes, plus adjustable front and rear suspension
A few months after Access Plus Philippines announced the arrival of the Indian FTR 1200 base variant during a grand motorcycle show held the Philippines, it was rolling out the red carpet for the better-equipped and more menacing FTR 1200 S
Will you go for an easy or brutal riding experience?
Is it logical for an individual to own two identical motorbikes from one brand? Take the case of cruiser fanatic George H. who owns two Indian Scouts-a Sixty and now, a new Bobber. This building design consultant who has clients from
Ride, eat, sleep, repeat!
With the wide range of motorcycles now available in the local market, choosing the right bike for your riding preference and style can drive you insane. Perhaps asking yourself this question will help: Do you crave for speed or do you prefer
Meet the Indian Chief Vintage
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Are you familiar with the Indian motorcycle brand?Praised for its rich heritage, time-honored styling and powerful engine, the new Indian Chief Vintage
Cruisers never die
Do cruiser bikes turn you on? They're long, heavy, full of chrome, and mostly too loud. Their low seating position and short suspension travel are said to cause backaches or leg cramps. Some think their old school layout is only good
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