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Is our market next?
Last year, we reported that India had refreshed the Suzuki S-Presso mini SUV and equipped it with a new 1.0-liter gasoline engine and additional features. Now, it appears these upgrades are trickling down to Southeast Asia, too.The 2023
Will this make it to PH?
No Suzuki Vitara? No problem-at least if the Japanese car manufacturer ever decides to bring the Grand Vitara over to our shores.By the way, the chances of that happening have just shot up. We say this because the crossover has
Should this be sold in PH?
Downsizing doesn't just have to be for private motorists, you know. There are plenty of small businesses out there that needn't rely on anything bigger than a kei car for their transportation needs.With this in mind, something like the
What could this be?
The Toyota Raize's biggest draw is its size. SUV-ish styling combined with a city-friendly form factor and decent ride height? Consumers treated the package like a match made in heaven. But what if the Raize grew slightly bigger?We
Could this version find the same level of success in PH?
The next-generation Toyota Innova is about as surefire a release as they come in the Philippine market. With a familiar badge, seven seats, and a recognizable name, the MPV is destined for success locally.There is one question mark, though: Will
We bet that sunroof comes with a very nice cabin
We've been talking about the next-generation Innova-or at least what appears to be it-for a while now. Toyota has been continuously putting out teasers of the all-new MPV that's set to debut in Indonesia soon, so
That wing, though
The Honda Brio is a practical, quirky, and cute little thing. Perhaps even too cute for some people's taste.There are always ways, of course, to widen a ride's appeal. One of them is by fitting a vehicle with a
What engine options will we get locally?
The potential powertrain situation for the Toyota Vios in the Philippine market is becoming a little less of a mystery now.Just recently, the subcompact sedan was launched in Indonesia packing a more potent 1.5-liter gasoline engine capable of 105hp
Think this has a shot?
When it comes to small SUVs, it's arguable that the Toyota Raize is currently the local market's belle of the ball. This could change, though, if the mystery crossover Honda is currently parading around in Indonesia turns out to be
Excited to see this land in PH?
It was only a matter of time before Honda fitted the ADV with the PCX's new engine. Ladies and gents, say hello to the new Honda ADV 160, which has just been launched in Indonesia.As with the PCX 160, the
Does this mean we’ll soon be seeing more EVs in ASEAN?
There's still a long way to go before we see the widespread use of electric vehicles in the Philippines and in neighboring ASEAN markets. But if American carmaker and EV giant Tesla will have its way, then we might be seeing
Here you go, Raize customers
Less than a year after launching the new Raize in Indonesia, Toyota is now recalling the subcompact crossover in that market.According to Toyota Indonesia's Special Service Campaign website, the carmaker discovered welding issues involving the Raize's front fender. When
Given the current fuel prices, do you think this car could work in PH, too?
How does an electric kei car built for commercial use sound like to you? Considering the high fuel prices these days, it doesn't sound like such a bad idea, does it?Well, there's a chance more businesses could start using
It has now partnered with energy company TBS Energi Utama
Ride-hailing and courier-service company Gojek has already expressed its plans to go fully electric by 2030. Now, the company has its sights set on developing a new EV ecosystem for two-wheelers in Indonesia.Gojek has partnered with TBS Energi
Small cars are a Honda forte, so this is looking promising
We know there are still people out there (us included) who are excited about the all-new Civic's local arrival later this month, but let's be honest: Sedans have been increasingly displaced by crossovers-especially pint-sized entry-level crossovers-
Is a Philippine launch in the pipeline as well?
Photos of what appears to be the face-lifted Mitsubishi Xpander started circulating online a few weeks ago. The Japanese carmaker has kept mum about it since, but it now looks like we have confirmation of sorts courtesy of Mitsubishi Motors Indonesia.
We wonder when an update will arrive here
The MG ZS has been one of the bigger surprises in the local auto market the past couple of years. Not only did the model help its Chinese carmaker gain a foothold in the Philippines when it arrived in 2018, but it'
The next-generation model has just been unveiled in Indonesia
Remember the Honda N7X? Honda has now turned the concept into reality, and it's now been launched as the all-new BR-V in Indonesia.The next-generation BR-V gets a major design overhaul inside and out. The new-look
A proper-looking mini SUV
Is Honda cooking up a proper competitor to the Toyota Rush and Mitsubishi Xpander Cross? It definitely looks like it.The Japanese car manufacturer has just revealed a brand-new mini SUV concept in Indonesia, showing off seven seats, as well as
What could it be?
This year is shaping up to be a big one for Honda. Not only has the Japanese carmaker revealed vehicles like the all-new City and HR-V over the past couple of months, but it also still has a couple of
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