A brand-new Innova is at stake
If you happen to have an old Toyota sitting in your garage, you just might win a brand-new Innova from Toyota Motor Philippines.In celebration of its 500,000th production milestone, TMP is searching for the earliest Philippine-made Toyota vehicle
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Prices start at P813,000
Toyota Motor Philippines has finally launched the updated Innova, completing the circle for the Japanese carmaker's triumvirate of its Innovative International Multi-Purpose Vehicle (IMV) line following release of the upgraded Hilux and Fortuner in August 2011.According to Toyota assistant
Completing the refresh of Toyota's IMV lineup
It was bound to happen sooner or later. Six months after Toyota Motor Philippines updated the look of the current-generation Hilux and Fortuner, the Japanese carmaker is completing the face-lift of its Innovative International Multi-Purpose Vehicle (IMV) line by
And what about the Innova?
With the recent launch of the refreshed Toyota Fortuner and Hilux, Toyota Motor Philippines is optimistic about the sales of both nameplates as the Japanese carmaker strives to attain its 10th consecutive Triple Crown title."We might have lost a couple of
Gunning for its 10th consecutive Triple Crown
Toyota Motor Philippines is set to claim its 10th consecutive Triple Crown in vehicle sales as the Japanese carmaker has reclaimed the top spot across all vehicle categories for July.Toyota Philippines moved 4,374 units out of its showrooms in July
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Are local units affected?
Toyota Vietnam is recalling 65,703 units of its locally-assembled Fortuner sport-utility vehicle and Innova Asian-utility vehicle nearly a month after the Japanese carmaker made a similar announcement involving a much lower number of vehicles.In March, Toyota announced
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