How much liquid can your car carry?
A lot of readers have asked if we received sponsorship from a certain soft-drink company for the last Inside Job challenge. The answer is no, we didn't receive any royalty checks or free cases of diet soda. So this time,
Chinese ownership hasn't ruined brand's originality
Automobile gauges are one of the most overlooked aspects of a car's cabin. We take the design of gauges for granted because their main function is utility, and as long as they tell us what we need to know, we hardly
Check out the different seat configurations
Having the same width (1,695mm) and height (1,525mm) as its predecessor, the all-new Honda Jazz doesn't initially appear to be able to swallow more cargo than the previous-generation iterations. At 3,955mm in length, the 2014 Jazz
You have to see and touch it
One of the things that stood out for me in this year's Toyota Road Trek was the dashboard of the all-new Yaris, which I had the opportunity to drive through a stretch in Iloilo. One look at it and you
We find out
Let's face it: It's hot out there. Really hot. So hot that stopping at the gas station to buy a drink will have you drenched in sticky sweat the minute you open the car door.Thankfully, with 10 cupholders, the
A boon in heavy-traffic driving
We drove the Lexus GS450h up to Baguio recently during Toyota Motor Philippines\' ride-and-drive event for the media, and we discovered a convenient feature inside the sporty and luxurious sedan. To the right of the steering column, just behind the
Useful at tollbooths
Today, we introduce a new series called "Inside Job." As the title implies, this series will aim to highlight unique features found inside the cabin of new vehicles brought to our market. We kick things off with the very fresh Chevrolet Sonic,
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