Yay or nay?
Confused? We don't blame you. Is it a Toyota Supra A80 that's undergone a butt transplant or a Mazda RX-7 that's undergone a face swap?We'll save you a sleepless night and give you the answer: It'
Would you do the same if you had the money?
A week ago Kylie Jenner posted an image of Travis Scott, her partner, on a runway. In the background are two private jets, and the photo was accompanied by a caption that reads "You wanna take mine or yours?"Obviously, Jenner was
Is this on your bucket list?
Have you ever tried going dune bashing in an SUV? We have, and let us tell you that yes, kicking up sand in the middle of the desert is exactly as fun as it looks. Just try not to get stuck.Don'
What exactly is it?
At first glance, the vehicle you see before you is a pre-facelift Toyota Land Cruiser J60. Four-strip grille design, rounded headlights, and rectangular blinkers-pretty standard stuff, right? Well, not exactly.Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as internet celebrity
Place your bets
Klay Thompson? He's known more for his taste in boats than cars.It's his hobby as a seafarer that's landed him on front pages outside of the basketball world. He's so associated with boats, in fact, that he
Hot damn
No car is ever too extreme. Take the Ford F-150 Raptor, for example. You would think that this off-road beast, barring a little Frankenstein tinkering from John Hennessey, is already at the top of its game. Well, it's not.
We wonder how much a full tank costs
Difficult to park, ridiculously oversized (at least for most purposes), and a textbook definition of a gas-guzzler-frankly, it's very difficult to imagine how one might make a ride like the Hummer H1 even less practical than it already is.
Now this is what we call attention to detail
There are scale model enthusiasts, and then there are those who make the hobby look like a damn art form. The Bangkok-based builders from Akara Studio fall squarely into the latter category.Frankly, the studio's official Instagram account is a
Any sharp-eyed readers here?
Yes, this is a photo of a Toyota's interior-a Corolla hatchback for the US market, if we're being precise. It was shared by the Japanese carmaker on Instagram, and at first glance, it seem like nothing more than just
Here’s what that would look like
Is it just us, or have more and more people begun following Formula 1 in the Philippines lately?Part of the motorsport's newfound fandom locally is owed to the success of Formula 1: Drive to Survive on Netflix. But if the
This won’t be grabbing anyone’s attention…sort of
Well, that's one way to teach a kid the value of being humble-we think.Travis Scott recently gifted his daughter Stormi with the most inconspicuous school service you could think of: An actual full-sized yellow school bus.If Scott'
Can you guess what he bought with his first big payday?
Well, that came out of nowhere. Errol Spence Jr. will no longer be facing Manny Pacquiao in the ring on August 21 (August 22 in the Philippines) after suffering a torn retina. Ouch.Taking the American's place later this month will
We dig it
The McLaren F1 comes from a simpler time-when electrification was still in the back of most people's minds, touchscreens were reserved for science fiction films, and supercar manufacturers weren't as trigger happy with special releases.If that last bit
There can be a lot of hotheads out on the road at any given time. For everyone's sake, we hope whoever's behind this thing isn't one of them.What is it? Well, on the surface, it's just an
Yay or nay?
Well, here's one way to draw attention away from the BMW M4's hit-or-miss grille design: Just plop an equally massive camper on its rear. Problem solved.Instagram user and visual artist bradbuilds has done exactly this, and the
Remember this?
Kids these days probably only recognize this thing as a run-of-the-mill public transportation vehicle. Hell, we're not even sure there's that many of these still serving Filipino commuters on a daily basis. There was a time, though,
Is ‘Transformers’ hiring?
This is a 6x6 Land Rover Defender concept dubbed the Pegasus. Now, we know what you're thinking-what is this beast doing here and not on the set of the next Transformers movie? That's exactly where we reckon this Defender
Just a heads up
Earlier today, news broke out that Facebook did some cleaning up on its platforms, removing a bunch of shady accounts in the process. Uh, Mark? We think you may have missed one.Several readers have reached out to us about a fake
‘We remember’
COVID-19 has made the past couple of months pretty rough for everyone, car guys included.No fun runs, no meetups, no car shows-hell, not even car washes. That things would be difficult for gearheads was already a given, considering this
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