As easy as clicking your mouse
Right about now is a great time to be a Nissan owner. That's because Nissan Philippines has officially launched Nissan Parts Online, a platform where customers can easily view, inquire about and purchase genuine car parts and merchandise over the Internet.
Which vehicle should represent PH?
If you've been to another Asian country lately and wondered why your Facebook and Instagram posts were so painless while you were there, wonder no more: It's because the Internet speed there is way faster than the pathetic connectivity rate
Too bad it had to end
The Internet never runs out of new ways to amuse us. Yesterday, we posted on our Facebook page the above photo sent by Ted Tanedo. The image features a die-cast, scale-model Porsche Carrera GT placed in the foreground against a
For easier and safer Internet connectivity
Mazda is bringing cloud-based web content to the all-new 3 via its Mazda Connect next-generation car connectivity system when the car goes on sale later this year in other markets.According to the Japanese carmaker, the Mazda Connect system \"
Starting with the S3 Sportback
Audi has now become the first carmaker to integrate the high-speed Long Term Evolution (LTE) data transfer standard to its cars, starting with the S3 Sportback this July and other variants in November.To use the LTE feature, a suitable SIM
For future production cars
Two Swedish brands--Volvo Cars and telecommunications firm Ericsson--are joining forces to "advance the technical development of industry-leading innovations for automotive Internet services."Volvo's knowledge in driver behavior and traffic security requirements, together with Ericsson's consulting and systems
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