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The Italian brand also has a new official distributor in Velocità Motors
The automotive polymath passed away at the age of 96
Although he'd departed Maranello before the car was revealed, Giotto Bizzarrini was the man largely responsible for the Ferrari 250 GTO. That alone would be enough to secure his status in the pantheon of great Italian engineers, but there was more
It’s a new record for the most Lambos on track at one time
Lamborghini turns 60 years old in 2023, so it's been 60 years since-if the Lamborghini movie is to be believed-boss Ferruccio invented time travel in order to park a Ferrari Dino GT outside the front of his new factory.
60 of each will be built
In a sea of Lamborghini derivatives, the Italian brand is launching three limited-edition Huracans. Part of Lamborghini's 60th-anniversary celebrations, we've already met the sporty STO, the 'versatile' Tecnica, and the 'lifestyle' Evo Spyder.Now, 180 deep-pocketed customers
by Cat Dow
It’s being run by an ex-Lamborghini exec
Spare a thought, if you will, for the brand-new car manufacturer.Not only does everyone involved have to start from quite literally square one in terms of design, engineering, manufacturing. and so on-they have to convince all of us that
Good job
Trying to keep a test mule, especially one as eye-catching as a Lamborghini, inconspicuous on public roads is no easy task.Obviously, the main challenge is driving a low-riding exotic covered in camouflage on the down-low. Lamborghini didn't
Following a successful 2021
For the most part, the past year was (again) a relatively rough one for the auto industry. The main culprit, of course, is the COVID-19 pandemic, but a global parts shortage and supply chain disruptions didn't help make the situation
Who needs an Apple Car anyway?
Jony Ive, the man responsible for designing some of Apple's most iconic products (including the iMac and iPhone) is taking his talents to the auto industry.On September 27, Ferrari holding company Exor announced that it had signed a "long term,
The Lamborghini Countach officially turned 50 this year. In celebration, the carmaker took us on a quick trip down memory lane and shared the story behind what eventually became one of the brand's most iconic nameplates ever.That, however, wasn't
Still a badge that commands respect on the road
Welcome to Maserati, the car company never content with just doing one thing. Race-car supremos? Maserati has done that. Ultra-luxe touring cars for people who are as rich as Croesus? Done that, too. Tech-heavy supercars? Yup. Pieces of wantonly
Well, that’s one way to get the a pilot’s attention
No, this isn't the set of the next Fast and Furious film. This is, in fact, a tarmac in Italy's Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport, which has turned to an unlikely vehicle to safely guide aircraft during parking maneuvers.The airport
What do you think of this hire?
Cum laude in physics, an expert in motion-activated user interfaces, imaging and power solutions, president of Analog Micro-electromechanical Systems and Sensors Group-no this isn't the CV of some newly hired Silicon Valley chief technology officer. This extensive background
The shift to electric will be completed by 2030
That's right: It's Fiat's turn to say it's going all-electric by 2030, just in time for major markets like to UK to ban the sale of non-electrified cars.In an emotional-sounding statement, Fiat boss Olivier
“It’s a wild, unsanitized, utterly unhinged device”
You may have heard of Ferrari's line of 'Icona' cars-limited editions inspired by the Italian brand's illustrious back catalogue. The Monza-a roofless, windowless rollerskate based on the 812 Superfast-is the first of these. Only 499 will be
His Lambo of choice? No less than an Aventador S Roadster
If you were part of a prestigious Italian football club, how would you celebrate the milestones in your career?In the case of Juventus' star striker Paulo Dybala who recently hit the century goal mark for his club, he did what any
A look back at the life of the man behind the iconic Italian supercar brand
This year, Italian giant Lamborghini is celebrating the 105th birth anniversary of its founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini. And as such, the supercar marque is taking us on a trip down memory lane to look back on the life of the man who built
An opportunity to bring the uniqueness and passion of Ferrari to new generations
Busy times at Ferrari. In its AGM shareholder meeting this week, CEO John Elkann confirmed three new models will be revealed over the next few months-and in 2025, the small matter of revealing the first fully-electric Ferrari supercar.Yes, folks,
One-off model celebrates the 250 GT SWB Breadvan from the ’60s
This is a 'new' Ferrari. By which we mean, it's an old Ferrari, recast and reformed to commemorate a really old Ferrari. Welcome to one of the most spectacular shooting brakes you'll likely ever see.Dubbed the Breadvan Hommage, it'
And some tasteful exterior enhancements
Novitec is a rarity among German tuning companies. Many won't even contemplate turning up a supercar's turbos and fitting a shouty exhaust without also equipping it with an over-the-top carbon-fiber bodykit. Novitec will do that if you
One of the pains of being an NBA center
It's a well-documented fact that Shaquille O'Neal is one big dude. Besides standing at over seven feet tall, the all-time National Basketball Association (NBA) great possesses one of the most gargantuan frames in the history of the game.
People have their theories
We've seen our fair share of fake supercars here at Top Gear Philippines, and this counterfeit Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 spotted in India is...actually one of the better ones.Frankly, we're not certain whether it's the poor lighting
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